Emmy Kate – 9 Months (a bit late)

21 Apr

I know I’m a bit behind on Em’s 9 month update, and haven’t taken her 9 month pic yet….. But things have been busy with birthdays and Easter and finally getting some warmer weather!

Here’s a little update on Miss Emmy Kate.

What she’s doing:

  • Crawling (which I showed you a few weeks ago)
  • Pulling up – ON EVERYTHING. This is new, as Georgia wasn’t in a big hurry to pull up, but last night Em even cruised behind a push toy. I’m afraid she’ll be walking soon!
  • Talking a lot more
  • Doing “So big!”
  • Clapping
  • I can see the top of ONE tooth coming in on the bottom. Finally!

What she’s eating:

  • Everything! But no really,
  • Greek yogurt
  • Noodles
  • Meatballs/ham balls
  • pears
  • watermelon
  • cheese
  • peas
  • and lots more stuff at school. She’s pretty much eating everything we eat, though she is a picky little thing. If she hasn’t seen it before, she looks at it VERY wary. Like I’m gonna trick her! Ok, I might.


For Christmas, we gave my mom a photography session, and this last weekend we took the photos. We got super lucky with a beautiful day and a local photographer (and friend!) took the pics for us.

They. Are. Fabulous. If you’re ever in northern Iowa, Paige Baade is so great to work with! We bribed the kids with pizza if they were good. Success!



Our family of 4


Our 9 month old

10014332_650747671662712_5622928562567509129_oThe whole fam!


And she’s off!

9 Apr

For weeks, Emmy has been crawling backwards and turning in circles. Georgia did the same thing at this age, but Monday and Tuesday this week, she has started going forward.

And it’s official! She’s crawling!



Emmy -crawling from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

Holy Crap. Here we go.

Quiet Moments

7 Apr

As you can imagine, life with an almost 4 year old (2 weeks!) and an almost 9-month old (5 days!) is busy, noisy and dirty :)

The other Friday night, G was at an event at her school so we were spending time with Em and she fell asleep. On me. This hasn’t happened in MONTHS and probably won’t for a long time. So I took advantage.

My baby is getting so big! My last baby.



How sweet is her little face?

Tearing up just looking at this pic again.
My heart is full.


Emmy Kate – 8 months

12 Mar

Another month has gone by!

This month has brought a lot of exciting things for our baby girl!

  • Eating lots of of table food: bread, noodles, cooked fruits and veggies, scrambled eggs and toast, and of course puffs and some pureed foods
  • Sleeping about 12 hours a night
  • Trying to go from sitting to a crawling position
  • Not crawling yet, but lots of rocking
  • Constantly grabs at her feet

Wanna see some pics?










and I happened to get pictures of BOTH girls, too.





Ari got in there and gave some kisses. The look on Georgia’s face says it all!


Sister Love


And then…not so much.


Also, Emmy is really into pulling hair. :)

It’s crazy to think we’re closer to Emmy being 1 than a newborn anymore! And yes, I’ve already thought about her party, but until then I’m going to enjoy my chunky monkey.

Goodbye Boobie Light

7 Mar

I don’t think anyone likes boob lights. Seriously. Why do they put these in homes?

I hate boob lights so much, but we’ve lived with this one for almost 4 years.

Asking yourself what a boobie light is?



BOOB. BOOB. BOOB. You’ll never be able to look at those lights the same again.

Tonight the boob went bye bye.



So much better!

I’ve seen lights like this ALL over the place. Pottery Barn. Ballard Designs. But I’m waaaaay too cheap for those places. I found this one on overstock.com.

For $80 (with a coupon code). See it here. Just can’t beat it!

Losing My Mind

7 Mar

It’s pretty obvious life has been busy. I’ve told you. I’ve been blogged less and I have about 10 half-finished projects in my house. Well, I think the last 10 days has cemented the fact that with kids, multiple kids, you really do lose your damn mind.

I mixed up dates, forgot a baptism, which led to us driving to my mom’s and back in blizzards both ways, went to work with two different colored shoes (both for my right feet), and a handful of other things. Seriously. That is SO not me.

With all of it, I think I’ve been surprisingly calm. Annoyed, but calmer than I would’ve imagined.

And you know why? These two faces.

photo (3)

Of course it’s been annoying. Of course it’s so out of character, but no one got hurt (well,…. that’s a story for another day), and it really didn’t ruin much.

I guess that means I’ve gotten mature in my old age? Damn.



The Best Daddy

25 Feb

Over the weekend Ryan and Georgia went to their 1st Daddy-Daughter Dance.

We had been talking about it for weeks and Georgia even picked out her own dress. She wanted this sweet pink lace dress with crinoline under the skirt. Just ADORABLE. Pictures tell the story, right?
Here ya go!

How adorable are they?



Ryan got really sick a couple of weeks ago and even ended up in the ER. Thankfully he’s on the mend, but damn did he give us a big scare. Just makes me appreciate him even more than normal. And so does his big girl. I’m talking about Georgia, guys…. C’mon.


Of course they went to the dance with friends. Here is G with her BFF Peyton.


Lots of friends went to the dance! The girls were all so excited to be going to the dance and to be going with their daddies. Georgia and I do lots of “Big Girl” nights or outings where no babies or daddies are allowed! But it isn’t as often that G gets to go with her daddy somewhere. I have to say I think I’m going to love this tradition!

IMG_1763 IMG_1766

They danced, the girls got corsages, ate cupcakes and got glow sticks. Pretty much heaven for 3 & 4 year olds!


Emmy Kate – 7 Months

17 Feb

On the 11th, Emmy was 7 months old! 7!

She’s changed so much in the last month, but she is still so much like the tiny little babe we brought home 7 months ago. It’s amazing how they have their own little personality from the minute they are born.




She weighs 18 lbs.
Sleeps 12 hrs a night (may wake up once or twice, normally around midnight)
Impatient – when she’s hungry, when she’s tired, when she’s bored.
Belly laughs only for her sister. No kidding.
THISCLOSE to crawling. Rocks back and forth on all fours.
Wears 6, 9 or 12 month clothes. Mostly 9 months, but can wear 6 or 12 months fairly comfortably, brand dependent.
This one is new: she gets mad if you’re eating and not sharing! She eats puffs and pieces of very soft bread. Also, a few black beans the other night. Whoops. She’ll be eating all kinds of table food in no time.
No teeth yet – gotta be soon, right?
The only baby I know who doesn’t like to be rocked or snuggled. She will FIGHT and PUSH you away when you’re trying to rock her to sleep, but if you put her in her bed she cries. Not frustrating at all. #sarcasm
Loves daycare. Breaks into a big grin every morning when we get there.
Drinks 7 oz of milk at a time.
Still exclusively a tummy sleeper.


Got the sticker off, then stuck to the chair. That really frustrated her!


Those cheeks!


She look so big sitting up! and those things are just incredible.


Big girl and her cute squinty eye.


Oh Mom! Enough pictures already!

All of the Happenings

11 Feb

Things have been happening around here!

Emmy started to eat solid foods. She likes veggies, not fruit. Weird, I know.

photo (2)

She loves sweet potatoes, peas and carrots. I’m still making the baby food which isn’t too hard, but I’m not against buying it pre-made, and have, too. Some weeks are too nuts and I don’t have the time. It’s funny how I like feeding her food and know it’s good for her to learn to eat solids, but honestly, some days it’s just too much, and some days I forget to send food to daycare. Oh well, 2nd kid, right?

Georgia is growing up. For the past few weeks we have been cramming her into her carseat. She has a loooong torso, and every time we buckled her in, she’d whine or cringe it was too tight. She had gotten too tall for it, and it was time for an upgrade. To a booster.

photo 3

She looks so big! It’s terrifying and crazy. She’ll be 4 soon and has requested a Cars birthday cake at the bounce house place. She also wanted Transformer Valentine’s for her friends. I love my unconventional girl.

Since I rarely travel, I also learned G does NOT like it when I travel. One night we were FaceTiming and she told me she, “Didn’t want me to be there anymore,” and then started to cry.

photo 5

So I started to cry. It’s a good thing I travel about once a year! But after that trip, I’m even MORE thankful for a husband that definitely does his 50% and sometimes much more.

Where did I travel? To Las Vegas for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, otherwise known as KBIS. I didnt’ see much of Vegas beyond the convention center, but what I saw inside was pretty cool.

Wanna see my faves?

photo 4

This is LAMINATE. Not marble…laminate. Can you believe it? I love it. And want it. WILSONART

photo 3

This sink was at Kohler. I looooove the texture on a Farmhouse sink. Fabulous. KOHLER

photo 2

This sink was also at Kohler. The honeycomb/hexagon shape was BIG at the show…and this was a great way to do it. Isn’t that shadow beautiful?

photo 1

This is tile…made from thin thin thin slices of fruit. A pear, to be exact. Ann Sacks always has crazy stuff! ANN SACKS

On the 1st, our Goddaughter also turned one!

photo 2

Is there anything cuter than a 1 year old, rocking the shirtless look and eating cake?

photo 4What about a shirtless sick baby with a fever rash?

I came home from Vegas last week to sick baby, a sick dog, and a sad toddler…and I think a thank-god-she’s-home husband.

Georgia was happy I was home, and happy I brought her a present. A purple unicorn, no doubt! and if you know me, you know how I feel about stuffed animals. But I was going to buy about anything to see a smile on this girl’s face.

photo (1)

So hopefully we’re all on the mend (as the hubs coughs on the other end of the couch) and can start counting the days until spring!

Happy February, friends!

I AM the Mother….I swear

21 Jan

Now that Emmy is getting older and looking more like her instead of just a baby blob, it’s incredible to me how different she looks from Georgia at this age.

Let’s compare, shall we?


Eyes, ears, mouth, coloring, face shape…all so different.

Their noses are pretty similar….and they’re both girls… so?

With Ryan and I being opposites in almost every way, I know how this happened, but really! I thought they’d look like sisters! I mean, it’s pretty early in the game to know what they’ll look like when they’re 16 and 13, but right now it’s pretty crazy how much NOT like sisters they look.


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