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Cha Cha Cha!

27 Apr

I think this is a preview into her future as a dancer.

We call this move the “ole’ “, and she sleeps like this most of the time.

Cha Cha Cha!

27 Apr

I think this is a preview into her future as a dancer.

We call this move the “ole’ “, and she sleeps like this most of the time.

Little person, lots of laundry!

27 Apr

Georgia has been doing so well: during the day and at night (thank goodness!) and I couldn’t ask for anything more. She’s eating and sleeping really well, and let’s be honest, a poop machine! Change her diaper, feed her, change her diaper, sleep. Repeat.
I spend most of my day feeding her, changing her diaper and….laundry!

When my mom was here over the weekend not only did she cook for us, but she did all of our laundry. (thank God for moms) And in the 2 short days shes been gone, Georgia Mae has made a lot of laundry!

How are we doing?

Being a mommy is such an adjustment, I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s wonderful to see Ryan with her, watch her expressions as she sleeps, think about who she’ll be and what she’ll do in her life, but at the same time, is so overwhelming.
I’ll be honest, the anxiety of being a new mom is tough, especially at night. I know hormones are going crazy right now, my body is adjusting and re-adjusting to life without a baby in it, and we’re exhausted and sleep deprived. So each night, usually when I feed Georgia around 8 or 9, Ryan and I just sit and talk about how we’re doing, what we’re afraid of, what we’re looking forward to most, and what we think about our new family—and it helps so much.
Again, sounds mushy, but I love my husband. I told him the other night, I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else.

The first 6 days…

26 Apr

The first 6 days of Georgia’s life have been overwhelming, wonderful, and stressful all at once. Mostly wonderful, though!
Ryan was home with us all week and weekend, and thank goodness for him! He’s been cooking, cleaning and running errands, while I feel like I spend most of my day feeding the babe. My mom, sister and Nick also came for the weekend and we loved having them here!
The first night home was pretty rough, which we figured it would be, but of course we had hoped to be the exception to the rule. As if on cue at midnight, Georgia starting screaming and didn’t stop until almost 1:30. Nothing we did could console her. Finally, FINALLY, she fell asleep and so did we. She woke a couple more times to feed and overall, slept pretty good. It has been more or less of the same the rest of the nights that we’ve been home. I’m exhausted, but I can’t complain because I know a lot of babies who scream for more than an hour or two at night.
And let me just say, this girl eats like a champ! Last night while I fed her, Ryan and I sat and talked about what a huge change has happened in our lives. It’s what we thought it would be like, and at the same time, totally unexpected. It’s hard to explain the feeling of realizing that this little tiny person depends on you for every need and there is a lot of ‘getting to know’ one another that goes on. It’s also crazy to think that she is part of Ryan and part of me….crazy.

She had her first doctors appointment today (so stressful for a new momma to pack up baby on her own, in the car seat and venture out of the house..but we did pretty well!) and the doctor said she looks really good and is gaining back some of her birth weight. Today she weighs 5lbs 15ounces. Woo hoo :) 
We have gotten some of the cutest outfits, but right now shes so small, she can’t fit into most of them, so lots of the same outfits are in rotation right now. I can’t wait to put her in spring dresses and cute ruffle-butt pants!
Here is what she wore to her first doctors appointment: comfy and casual :)

More to come tonight when Ryan gets home and I can get a little more accomplished. ;)

Ari. Meet Georgia.

23 Apr

We were most worried about how Ari would take to the new baby. We made sure as soon as we got home we gave him attention, said hi, got kisses AND THEN, introduced him to the newest member of our little family. There was some serious tail wagging, a few kisses on her feet, and overall, he did great. I hope he continues to be so great and low-key about the huge change that has happened in our house. Only time will tell.

Anyone have advice for when we find dog poo in random rooms of the house? :)

Home Sweet Home

23 Apr

Walking in our front door with our baby girl. The most incredible feeling in the world. She’s ours. This is our home. This is our family. Wow.

Look at that spike in blog traffic!

23 Apr

Almost three times as many people as usual visited the blog the day Georgia was born and the day!! 173 clicks.
She sure is one lucky girl.

How will Ari do with Georgia?

21 Apr

Needless to say we’re a little worried about how Ari, the focus of all of our attention for the past year and a half will take to his ‘baby sister’. He is great with Addie and looooves babies, but her taking all of our attention will be tough, I’m sure.
We sent the hat she wore the whole first day home with Jake and Erin (who are fabulous friends, btw) who are taking care of him until we get home. We wanted him to get used to her scent mixed with ours.
Jake sent me this pic today:

Looks like he’s a little attached to it. I hope this means he’ll love her as much as we do!

Welcome to the World Georgia Mae Eagle!

21 Apr

So…a lot has changed in our lives since my last blog post!

About 30 minutes after posting on Monday night, my water broke. Yes, it broke. But in my house. In my bathroom, on the tile floor. Best case scenario!

I yelled for Ryan, told him what happened and for a good 30 seconds we stood there staring at each other with our mouths hanging open. The first thing I said, “I didn’t really think this would happen! Now what?”

My original plan had been to take a full shower, dry my hair and put some makeup on so I would look good for all of those after birth photos. About 10 seconds of standing in the shower was enough. I was too antsy to wait, so we loaded up the car (which Ryan had just put the car seat in as I was blogging), called Jake to come get Ari and hit the road. From Waukee to downtown the intensity of my contractions doubled, if not tripled, and they were about 3 minutes apart. We had no idea it would get so hard so fast!
We got to the hospital around 12:10 a.m. and the nurse who was assigned to us announced I was 7 cm dilated.

Again, blank stares of amazement passed between Ryan and I. And what did I say?
“Will I still be able to get an epidural?” and the nurse said the words I dreaded hearing for 10 months: “I can’t promise you that.”

At that point, I started crying, my body wracked by contractions and then I got nauseous. Awesome.
She also said all she could see when she checked me was a bunch of dark hair. Freaky? Yes.

We finally got into our room a little after 1:00 a.m. and the nurse said I was 9 cm and that there was no time for an epidural. This was worst case scenario.

More crying. I was totally freaked out. This was NOT in my plan and I had no idea how to even prepare to handle labor with no epidural. By now, the contractions were so strong, I could hardly stand it. It was pressure and pain like I had never experienced.

I’ll be honest, the rest of the labor was pretty awful, painful and way harder than I ever imagined it would be. (If you want details, just ask, I’ll spare the rest of you!!! ha ha)
Let me just say at this point that Ryan was amazing, supportive, encouraging and tough on me when I needed someone to tell me to suck it up, this baby had to get out. I didn’t think it was possible to love him any more, but after what we went through together, and the stuff he did (and saw) for me, I think I just might :)

Toward the end of the pushing, the baby’s heart rate was slowing just a bit and the nurse spent a lot more time with her eyes trained to the monitor and I started to get nervous the would make me stop after all of that hard work and pain and do a C-section. I knew at that point I had to just get it over with.

Not more than 30 minutes after that, Dr. Osborn announced it was a girl!! Georgia Mae Eagle entered the world at 3:06 a.m. on April 20th, 2010. And boy did she have a TON of dark hair!
Stats: 6 lbs, 3 oz, 19 inches long

Here are a whole bunch of pictures from her first day and a half. She has had LOTS of visitors and thank you to everyone who stopped by, told us how gorgeous she is and gave us tidbits of advice, and of course the flowers and clothes! We are blessed.

Weighing in at a whopping 6lbs 3 ounces.

 Getting all cleaned up.

The sweetest moment: holding my little girl.

Daddy changing his first diaper. I think he’s changed more than I have!

That’s his proud face.

A close up of Georgia Mae. I think she looks so much like her daddy. One lucky girl.

And she definitely has his feet and hands: long fingers and toes on this one. Pianist, perhaps? Will she be tall and a hitter on the volleyball team? Have great legs and dance ballet? Stay tuned!

Everyone is doing great. Thanks for all of your phone calls, texts and Facebook messages. Can’t wait for you all to meet our sweet peach.

Ticking time bomb

20 Apr

Tonight, we walked.. Bought a rocker. Packed my hospital bag. Packed Baby Eaglet’s hospital bag. Made a strawberry shake. Had more contractions.

I’m trying to make myself go to bed, but I’m afraid of waking up in the middle of the night in full-fledged labor. Or laying in amniotic fluid. Or both.

It’s such a mix of feelings knowing we’re so close to bringing our baby home. I’m incredibly excited, scared beyond reason, and doubting that we’re ready.
If you remember, say a little prayer for a healthy baby and safe delivery.
Nite, nite!


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