Swedish genius!

16 May

It was so beautiful out today we had to be outside and enjoy one of the first non-rainy days in weeks, but I didn’t want to carry Georgia. And setting her in the car seat in the driveway while I planted flowers seemed odd….then I remembered the Baby Bjorn! She’s borderline on the weight limit (it says for babies 8+ pounds, but she’s almost 8, so I figured it was safe), so I thought we’d give it a shot. I figured she’d hate it, since she’s not too crazy about her swing or the vibrating chair….but the second I got her strapped in it, she was alseep! It was fabulous.
So, I planted flowers in some pots, watched Ryan put my Mother’s Day patio set together, walked the dog down to the mailbox, all with Georgia strapped to my chest – content and asleep! Incredible.

Those Swedes sure are smart!

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