Time to say goodbye to this booty

17 May

This is the part of the pregnancy I have been dreading: the after.

Over the 40 weeks of my pregnancy I gained…40 lbs! ick…sounds so gross to say it outloud (or type it), and now I have about 19 or so of those pounds to lose on my own through sweat and determination. And no pressure, but I’m in a dear friend’s wedding in July and I have to be in good shape by then! HAVE TO.

I feel like I don’t look terrible, but stepping on the scale is enough to make me cry. That and I’ve been working a few nights a week and need to wear pants other than yoga pants for those appointments and each time I get ready, I stare longingly at the dozen or so pair of jeans in my closet, try a pair or two on, and then feel more depressed when they won’t button.
I am excited to get back to running and working up a good sweat. There is no better feeling than having a great workout, and during the pregnancy I enjoyed relaxing and taking it easy, but that also left me feeling lazy at the end of the day. I’m ready to kick that feeling! (and get my butt off of this couch)

It’s all part of the “process,” I know, but it’s not a part I like! And I don’t have the excuse to eat ice cream every day either…..bummer!

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