One of the many reasons I’m happy we’re back in Iowa…

24 May

There are a lot of reasons I’m glad to be back in Iowa and close to our families and here are two of them. A couple of weeks ago when Georgia was being a beast, I called my mom in tears and asked her to come down here to help me. Of course a few days later she made the 2 hour drive down to help out and spend some time with Georgia and I. Then, over the weekend Ryan went up to our lake house in Minnesota to help my brother get it opened up for the year, and I was going to be on my own with Georgia. A totally scary thought!! So, Ryan’s parents came up here to stay with me and help with the baby. A Godsend!

Of course, there are days (many days) where I miss the people we met down there, or the restaurants, or the big city feel, but having our families a couple of hours away so they can watch Georgia grow up and help us out when we need it is more important than fancy restaurants and warm winters.

Even though these Iowa winters have really been pushing it…..  :)

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