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Girl talk

29 Jul

False alarm

28 Jul

Last night was an exciting and scary one in the Eagle household. At about 1am, our carbon monoxide detector started going off and we freaked! On the back of the detector it says to go outside immediately and call 911. So we did…I grabbed the baby out of the crib, she looked at me like “Ma, WTF?!” Ryan hooked up Ari and we all stood in the driveway to wait for the fire department.

The guys came, used their monitor to check the ‘levels’ in our house and couldn’t find any reading.
Nothing at all.

They asked if it could be old batteries? Well, considering we’ve only lived here 4 months, I doubt it. Needless to say, the dog was going nuts, the baby was wide awake and it was a false alarm. Thankfully…. But still, it was a pain getting everyone calmed down and back to sleep while I continued to worry about WHY it went off in the first place, and if any of us were going to wake up this morning?
Sounds dramatic, but when an alarm goes off, I assume it knows what it’s doing…
I bought a new one today with a digital reading on it that the firemen suggested, so we’ll see what happens.
Either way, it was scary. And I keep thinking – is this toxic gas sneaking around in here now? 

The Verdict

27 Jul

Ryan and Georgia got home on Sunday evening and I was so happy to see them! I may have met them in the garage before they even had a chance to get out of the car. It was a loooong weekend without my two favorite people.

I forced them upstairs as soon as we got in the door to look at my handiwork. I knew the split second of silence when Ryan saw the room wasn’t a good thing. He likes it, and said I did a great job (OF COURSE!), but thinks it’s a little bright. 

There isn’t much else we can do to tone down the color, I mean, everything else in the room is white…if that doesn’t offset a bright color, I don’t know what will!?? So, he’ll have to get used to it.

This case rests.

I like it!

25 Jul

Georgia’s room turned out good, I think.
Now I’m anxious for her and Ryan to get home to give me their thumbs up, too.

Ari and I think we did a heckuva job :)

Painting: check!

25 Jul

It took me longer than I thought it would (and I’ve vowed to NEVER paint a room by myself again!), but Georgia’s room is VERY purple. Purple Dragon, to be exact. It looks cute, a little brighter than I had anticipated, but it’s girly and DONE.

I forgot how much prep work is involved, especially since we had the curtains, shelves and all of the art in her room hung. I couldn’t figure out how to get the bit into the drill, so I used screw drivers to take EVERYTHING down. Good lord. Then, I couldn’t move all of the furniture out of her room so I just shifted it around the room as I would finish one wall.

I’ll post pics tomorrow. I’m too tired right now to do much more than type this and pass out.
G’nite, all!

A fresh new look

22 Jul

I did a redesign of the blog today….thoughts?

I’m still tweaking it, so any input would be much appreciated.

ok, one more!

22 Jul

See, I told ya she loves her new mobile!
She is squealing when she gets extra excited now, and I just love it!


22 Jul

I haven’t been able to post video’s, until this week! So here are a couple of cute ones.

This was a few weeks ago when she just was starting to chat.

 I love how hard she tries to talk. She’s concentrating!

If you want something done….

22 Jul

You must do it yourself!
Guess who has two thumbs and is painting Georgia’s room this weekend??

This girl!

It’s my weekend to work at the development in WDM, but Ryan has his 10 year class reunion (boo to not being able to go!). So, he’s taking the peanut to Washington for the weekend and I’m going to paint Friday night and work on Saturday and Sunday. I’m super excited! I’ll go buy paint and supplies tomorrow… Let’s be serious, I’m so excited I’ll be buying them later today.

Can’t wait!

Need your recommendations!

21 Jul

Georgia has started to LOVE standing up, bouncing up and down and being upright most of the time and I think it’s time to get her an exersaucer/activity center/jumperoo/whatever you call them…..

Do you have any recommendations?
What did your baby/niece/nephew like?


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