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Week at Nama’s and meeting the newest addition

30 Aug

Last week since Ryan was traveling for work and I was a little nervous about being on my own with Georgia and the dog for 5 days, I headed up to my mom’s house on Wednesday afternoon and the rest of the fam – my brother, sis in law, and their two kids and Ryan came up on Friday. The entire family was together and we finally got to meet our newest nephew and Georgia’s cousin Garrett.
We knew he was a big boy, but look at the two of them laying side-by-side. Garrett is almost 2 months and Georgia is 4 months.

They’re about a half a pound and 1 inch different…..Aren’t they the cutest?

And I could hardly believe that this girl was my little Addie. When did she grow up!?!

She’s only 2, but I remember my niece as a teeny baby. Now she’s a little girl and so smart. Maybe too smart :)

My mom has an exersaucer at her house that we were excited to put Georgia in. She loves the Jumperoo we have, but we put her in this one and I think she’s a little small for it still. And I’m not quite sure what the deal was, but as soon as we put her in it, she started spitting up like nothing I”d ever seen before. Maybe too much pressure on her stomach when she leaned over to get to the toys or she just felt like barfing on all of it. Who knows!

Isn’t this one happy Nama with all of her grandbabies??
Garrett Matthew Kunkel
Isn’t he just beautiful?
This is the face we saw all weekend. Georgia was in such a great mood, it was awesome.
Have a great week!


25 Aug

Since Ryan was packing to head to California for work last night and Georgia was grouchy from the shots, we decided to wait on the cereal until next week. Or this weekend at Nama’s…
Can’t wait either way!

All dressed up….

25 Aug

and places to go!

A few weekends ago we helped our friends Danielle and Brian celebrate their wedding in Riverside. This was the first real outing for Georgia Mae, since we’ve been a little bit nervous about taking her to weddings and the like…

You can’t fully enjoy Georgia’s halter top dress, but she looks dang cute either way. (Thanks, cousin Addie).
So does the tall guy on the left.

I don’t think she’s average.

23 Aug

Georgia had her 4 month checkup today and she was such a ham! Smiling, cooing and drooling for the nurses and the doctor. She even tried to roll over on the table, but the doctor stopped her and said “we don’t hit milestones at the doctor’s office!” It was pretty funny.

Then it was time for shots. I had Ryan meet us there because I hate being there with her alone when she wails. She did scream, but by the time we were checking out, she was all smiles.

She weighs 13.7 lbs and is 24 inches long, which puts her in the 42nd and 47th percentile respectively. Right in the middle, where she should be, but we don’t think she’s average at all!

She got Tylenol as soon as we got home and she was asleep for close to 2 hours.

The doctor also gave us the go-ahead to start giving her some rice cereal and I am SUPER excited to try it tonight. I can’t wait to post pics and maybe a video of her reaction.

And one more thing: Ryan is traveling for the rest of the week to Irvine, California, and I’m on my own with the peanut. Let’s hope her nose clears up and she’s an angel for momma….otherwise it’ll be a long week as the lone parent. Cross your fingers!!


23 Aug

Georgia has a super stuffy nose and getting her to sleep last night was awful. Ryan and I were both getting frustrated because we’d get her calmed down and asleep and the second we’d put her in her crib: eyes wide open and squirmy again.

She sounds awful when she breathes and I’m trying to get as much out of her nose as I can, but those ball suckers for babies noses are terrible. They are too big for her nose holes and don’t get anything out.

A rough night led to a rough morning. Though she woke up happy, after less than 2 hours of being awake, she fell asleep during some play time. That’s a first!

Pretty Adorable!

These guys are my heart

22 Aug

A low key week

22 Aug

If you all are wondering why it’s been a while since I posted, that’s because it’s been a pretty low-key, uneventful week – THANK GOODNESS!

No ER visits, no freaky bites/bruises for my hubby, just a regular week of hanging out around our house, putting the baby to bed on time and then cleaning up crashing before starting it all again.

On Thursday night my mom came down to watch the peanut so Ryan and I could go to the Darius Rucker concert at the Iowa State Fair. I got the tickets for my birthday back in June and the concert was completely worth the wait! He sang his own stuff, Hootie songs, covers of Jamey Johnson, Tobey Keith, Hank Williams Jr., and even wrapped up his SECOND encore with Prince’s ‘Purple Rain.’ Pretty fantastic concert.
AND we got to enjoy some fabulous fried fair food. (how’s that for alliteration?)

Guess which corndog is mine?
And here is an outfit Georgia was given a while back and it finally fits. Not sure if the “matching headscarf” is her style, but the rest of the outfit is cute!
Doesn’t she look like a biker babe with that doo-rag on?

Go Cubs Go!

16 Aug

There are just cute pictures of the peanut from last week. She has lots of Hawkeye, Cyclone and Cubs gear that she is finally growing into (now that she’s wearing more than just her NB clothes!!).
We had to girl up the Cubs onsie with a cute headband. I think she’s damn adorable!

And yes, that’s all drool. It’s cute now…ask me again in a few months if I’m tired of the drooley baby.


16 Aug

For those of you who know me well, or even those who don’t, you probably know that I’m a little obsessive about how clean my house is. I hate clutter and I love to make sure my floors, carpet and countertops are sparkly and free of junk.

Enter Georgia Mae. Babies need SO much stuff. And now that she actually plays with toys, we have toys, swings, jumperoos EVERYWHERE. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve been working on creative storage options to hide all of the toys and keep my house looking stylish and neat….does anyone have any good tips?

Here’s what our living room looks like these days…

This is my one attempt to hide most of her toys, blankets to play on, etc.

And then our front closet holds the pack n play, vibrating chair and other miscellaneous toys that I can’t have in my living room 24/7.

The mess doesn’t seem to bother Doodah one bit.
If you have any tips or hints on how to keep your house looking and feeling like a grown-up space, please let me know. It’s hard to navigate and balance the two worlds – every day I’m learning something new!

Verdict: Cry it out

11 Aug

The other day when I tried to let Georgia cry it out for her naps..the first one went ok, the afternoon nap was a COMPLETE disaster. She got herself so worked up she was SO tired the rest of the day. And here’s my fear about doing it at night: She has slept through the night for almost 2 full months, so that’s not our problem…what if making her cry it out to fall asleep on her own makes her sleep less and not through the night?
I’m having second thoughts once I realized we could mess up her GOOD habits by trying to break the bad…..I may wait a bit before we try it at night time.
(not as tough as I thought I was!)


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