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Weekend in Review

28 Feb

It was a looooong week and a very busy weekend, so I’m cheating with a quick re-cap while watching the Oscars, but I promise to hit a few of these things later in the week.


This weekend there was/were:
1. Lots of kisses for my chubby baby girl
2. Week 3 of Waterbabies
3. Bacon
4. Bacon donuts
5. Bacon tacos
6. A quick trip to Target (if you haven’t shopped their kids’ clothes lately – GO!)
7. Brunch with family
8. Epic fail when our washing machine quit working. (note: it’s less than 1 year old…awesome)
9. Regret after all of the bacon consumption
10. A crazy girl named Miss Georgia Mae!

Now, a few videos of the crazy girl, as promised. Like I said earlier, I leave for 4 days and look what happens!

Judging by the ‘bonk‘ at the end, our little girl is pretty fearless, which is good and bad. She came home from daycare with her first bump last week (which you can see on her forehead in the video below), and judging by the way she just lets go of things, there will probably be a few more to come.

She stands up so quickly. How does this happen!? Literally, a week ago, we hadn’t seen her pull herself up at all, though I think she had been doing it at daycare…but now, it’s all she wants to do and we are on guard 24/7.
Exhausting (and completely wonderful!)


25 Feb
Thank Goodness For Skype!

On Monday morning a co-worker and I drove to Minneapolis, braving the 15 inches of snow to spend a week with our new developers.

The original plan had been to stay 1 night and fly back on Tuesday, because of course, Ryan was traveling the same week. But once I got up there, I knew I had to stay longer. So after making arrangements with some fabulous family who agreed to get G to and from daycare, I swapped my flight and got home late last night.
It was a really long week away from my family! But, thankfully with Skype, I got to talk to Ryan and Miss G while they ate breakfast and a couple times, Skyped from my iPhone when I was away from my computer. Technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Rarely am I out of town for so many days, but when I do, Georgia decides that is the time to start doing some new, cool things: like walking between toys to the couch, or crawling up the bottom stair!!! I’ll try to capture both on video this weekend.

Happy Friday!

The Feathers: Vacay

23 Feb

The first step to acknowledging you have an addiction is admitting it, and I’m willing to tell all of you blog readers (ie: my mom) I’m addicted to Pinterest.
It combines some of the things I love most: shopping and browsing online, organization, pictures and organizing things into categories. I didn’t love it at first, but after one pin, you’ll be hooked.

It is the perfect place to store all of the outfits, ideas and inspiration I come across on a daily basis and after finally booking our getaway to Mexico, I had to create a ‘Vacay” board and wanted to share some of the best pieces that are musts for the trip.

[1. Checkered Sun Tank,  $29.50, Roxy;  2. Tuscany sandals, $36.00, Roxy;  3. P.E. shorts, $34.50, Roxy;  4. Embellished gauze dress, $58.00, Victoria’s Secret;  5. Joie a La Plange Tunic, $208.00, Piperlime;  6. Stoked sweetheart bikini bottom, $38.00, Roxy;  7. Studded Cross ankle wood wedge, $30.00, Charlotte Russe;  8. 70’s ruffle bikini, $42.00, Roxy.]

Snack Time

22 Feb

It’s a well-known fact that Miss Doodah likes food.
A lot.

I feel like I’m constantly brainstorming what I can make for her for meals and snacks, and we’d gotten in a rut with Cheerios, banana and yogurt, so when our daycare provider said Georgia loved graham crackers, we went to Cost-co and bought them in bulk.

Nom. Nom.

We usually snack with her and we thought we’d kick the graham cracker up a notch….


NOTICE: One must each such a fancy snack with the pinkie UP.

Cool Whip for her … Whipped frosting for momma and daddy.

I think adults should bring back snack time. All in favor?

Guess what?

20 Feb

I’m 10 months old today!

My birthday is just around the corner and I can’t wait!

On a chilly family walk on Saturday afternoon.    

Sloppy Joes

18 Feb

We have yet to find a food that this girl doesn’t like!

Morning Routine

17 Feb

I love our morning routine, even though it can be a little nuts, especially when my iPhone fails. This morning we added a new twist to our regular ‘ol routine: a new highchair!

Georgia happily ate her meals in the second-hand Boon we bought from a friend, but in the past 2 weeks both of the clips on the shoulder straps have broken and we decided yesterday to upgrade (and take up less space in our dining room.)
I’m a big girl with my sippy.

This is a spacesaver high chair that attaches to almost any chair in your house and this morning Miss G loved sitting at the island enjoying her toast and banana.

Can I help you?

Toast and nanners.

Oh, Momma!
I think it’s a success! (minus the slimy little finger prints on the corner of the island she could reach when her tray was empty…..)

The Feathers: Spring Fashion For Baby

16 Feb

There are way more things that I love about living in Iowa, than things I don’t like, but the shopping here leaves much to be desired.

Not only do I have trouble finding clothes and home furnishings that I love and not everyone and their mother has, but baby clothes are slim pickins. Moving forward, I’ll dedicate a post a week to things I’m lusting after that I either can’t afford or can’t find here in DM. (And damn the stores that let you “shop” online, but not actually purchase!)
With spring looming (right? right!?) I’ve been finding tons of adorable clothes I’d love to get for Miss G. Super girly prints, classic fabrics and cuts with a modern twist.
[1. Dress with floral applique, $39.90 – Zara;  2. Hudson Printed Dress, $58.00 – Lilly Pultizer;  3. Little Jonah Dress, $58.00 – Lilly Pulitzer;  4. Jump Suit with plaited belt, $29.90 – Zara;  5. Baby Chic Plimsoll, $24.90 – Zara.]

My Funny Valentine

15 Feb

I knew yesterday was Valentine’s Day – I even blogged about it – but the morning at the Eagle household started a little crazy. I normally get up at 6, but yesterday I woke up at 7:06am!

You know the feeling: you wake up, your brain a little foggy, stretch and then your brain clicks on and you think, “S#%*! What time is it?” I blame it all the my new phone…or the app that I downloaded to be my alarm clock….but because of the rushed morning (and no shower for Momma), Miss Doodah didn’t get to wear her Valentine’s shirt to daycare, because I completely spaced it off when I picked out her outfit.
But no worries, when we got home that night, I changed her entire outfit and took a bunch of pics of her goofing around before I put the rest of her outfit on.
Because let’s be honest, baby thighs are much cuter when they’re bare than covered by leggings and a jean skirt!

Note: Almost-10month olds don’t sit still – ever.

‘Owl be your Valentine’

So many kisses from the Mister.

You may notice a few changes in the blog in the days and weeks to come. I feel like I’ve been in a rut now that Miss G is older and the milestones are coming less often and even though some people (who shall remain unnamed) think pictures of their grandchild is enough reason for the blog, I need to infuse some creativity and more purpose to what has become a labor of love over the past year and a half….

So stay tuned!


14 Feb

Saturday morning was the big day: waterbabies at the YMCA!
At first, Miss Doodah was not too sure about the pool:


 Georgia was much younger than the other kids in the class, but we followed along and she was soaking it all in.

We learned how to correctly get in the water with a baby.

Once we were in, she looked at me like “what the $^#?” and clung to my shoulders and bikini top pretty tight until we started singing some songs that were familiar to her. ‘Wheels on the Bus,’ ‘Twinkle, twinkle,’ etc.

After a few songs, we worked on floating:

Safely getting out of the pool:

“Jumping” into the pool:

and toward the end, I did get a few smiles:

Then we sang what appeared to be a ‘fan favorite.’ The hooooooookey pokey.

Next weekend we are going to miss class (we’re going to South Dakota to see my family and Georgia’s cousins) but in 2 weeks, I can’t wait to see her reaction. Hopefully she is more comfortable and enjoys it even more!

Another bonus: she was so exhausted she took almost a 2 hour nap afterward! A fabulous Saturday.


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