Weekend in Review

28 Feb

It was a looooong week and a very busy weekend, so I’m cheating with a quick re-cap while watching the Oscars, but I promise to hit a few of these things later in the week.


This weekend there was/were:
1. Lots of kisses for my chubby baby girl
2. Week 3 of Waterbabies
3. Bacon
4. Bacon donuts
5. Bacon tacos
6. A quick trip to Target (if you haven’t shopped their kids’ clothes lately – GO!)
7. Brunch with family
8. Epic fail when our washing machine quit working. (note: it’s less than 1 year old…awesome)
9. Regret after all of the bacon consumption
10. A crazy girl named Miss Georgia Mae!

Now, a few videos of the crazy girl, as promised. Like I said earlier, I leave for 4 days and look what happens!

Judging by the ‘bonk‘ at the end, our little girl is pretty fearless, which is good and bad. She came home from daycare with her first bump last week (which you can see on her forehead in the video below), and judging by the way she just lets go of things, there will probably be a few more to come.

She stands up so quickly. How does this happen!? Literally, a week ago, we hadn’t seen her pull herself up at all, though I think she had been doing it at daycare…but now, it’s all she wants to do and we are on guard 24/7.
Exhausting (and completely wonderful!)

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