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When I travel …

29 Jul

I miss these two so much!


and if you can’t have fun in The Home Depot, where can you have fun?

She got it from her momma

27 Jul

Her brains, that is.

Georgia has always talked a lot, but the amount of things she knows at 15 months is incredible.

Last night I got her to run through all of her ‘tricks’ while I recorded it. I think I need to get her this shirt:

Animal sounds from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

Chicago was …

25 Jul

1. Delicious (see below)

2. Ridiculously fun

3. Exhausting

4. The best weekend I’ve had in a while!

I didn’t take many pictures over the weekend, so I’m waiting for everyone else to upload them so I can steal them and place them on the blog :) But it is safe to say I’m a little afraid of what those pictures will show – but we had an amazing time!
Every now and then you need to get away from the every day grind and just LET LOOSE.

Mission Accomplished.

We ate deep dish pizza, drank (lots ‘o) beer, ate hot dogs, ate gyros, ate thin crust pizza, ate mexican food….are you seeing a pattern? And laughed. And danced. It was a blast – so glad we went!

Here are a couple of the pictures I took on my phone.

Watching a baseball game from a rooftop with all the food you can eat and all you can drink is pretty wonderful. Especially when you can go inside and sit in the air conditioning!!!

This photo is a note to my future self: Avoid any and all drinks that are bright blue and come in a bucket.

The hubs and I

What is your over indulgence when you travel? What is your fav weekend getaway spot?


20 Jul

My daughter already knows how to make duckface and it concerns me.

If you are familiar with the term, duckface is often an facial expression made by girls who are teenage to early-20s when they take photos. It’s supposed to make them look cool or sexy or something..Usually though, it’s obnoxious. And not flattering.

No idea where Georgia learned it, but thankfully it’s adorable!

Duckface from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

Quick Change

20 Jul

We’ve had these cherry wood dining chairs since we moved into our first apartment together back in 2006. It was the first piece of furniture we co-purchased, so it was a pretty big deal and it’s followed us in all of our many moves. The table is pretty banged up and since it’s counter-height, it’s not very convenient for pulling up an extra chair or using a high char at it, so we’ve banished it to the basement. The chairs, on the other hand, have found a temporary home at our kitchen island. I say temporary because the cherry wood doesn’t really go with the rest of our house, but they are the right height and allow us to use the island until I find (or can afford) the perfect chairs.

The chairs came with this boring, off-white fabric and after all these years, is pretty dingy and stained.

The other night I finally got tired of staring at the icky fabric and thought it was time for a quick re-do. I pulled out the staple gun, scissors and a drill and got to work.

I snagged some great ‘scraps’ of fabric when we’d clean out the prop/sample closet during my days at Country Home and I love digging through them to find something for a quick and dirty DIY project.

I had an aqua blue Jane Churchill ikat fabric hadn’t found a home in this house yet, but I thought it would complement the curtain above the kitchen sink and the dark blue fabric on the dining chairs in the adjoining room.

The bright blue really adds a nice pop of color against the white backdrop of the island – and the chairs even look better without the tired, off-white seats.

Took me about 20 minutes total and the fresh look will help me live with these ‘fill-in’ chairs in the kitchen until I find the right fit.

Three Years Ago …

18 Jul

Three years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry an incredible man and I haven’t looked back.

In the years we’ve been together, we’ve had some incredibly happy times and some days where I wondered how we’d go on, but I know though everything I have felt confident in the fact that I have my best friend and my partner and we’d make it – somehow, some way.

What I’ve learned in the past 3 years: Marriage isn’t easy. Not even close. But with honesty and the ability to talk it out – whatever ‘it’ is – you’re in good shape. Before I got married, I felt like Ryan and I had it all figured out and that marriage was just a formality. A piece of paper, I think I even said at one point. Boy, was I wrong!

Ryan and I follow the traditional anniversary gifts and it gives us the chance to get creative with our gifts and think outside the box, instead of just buying a gift to buy a gift. The 3rd anniversary is leather, so I got Ryan a leather cigar case with an engraved lighter for those special occasions that call for a cigar. I can’t wait to see what the hubs came upwith. We’re planning on celebrating with a low-key night – in our house, with our little family. I can’t imagine anything more perfect.

[photos by Derek Lippincott]

Gems and Jewels

16 Jul

Last night I had a bunch of friends over to look at some fabulous jewelry from Stella & Dot. If you’ve never heard of it, click now, but at your own (wallet’s) risk!

Normally, I am not a huge fan of jewelry parties since the host always pressures you into hosting your own party, and I’ve never really found a line that is my style. This is not the case with Stella & Dot. Everything in their Look Books is stylish, well-made and will make any outfit more fabulous.

Plus, I love the way the jewelry is displayed at parties, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s hung and draped on these fabulous white frames covered in linen. Stunning, simple and so chic!





No, I’m not getting paid to talk about Stella & Dot, I just love so many of their pieces I had to share it with you.
And let’s be honest, I love any excuse to get together with a bunch of girlfriends, drink wine and talk about jewelry (and our kids, of course!).

Good Mornings

15 Jul

I know I’ve told you before how much I love mornings with my sweet girl – and how could you not start the day with a big smile on your face when she wakes up with this crazy hair?

And one of the many things that melt my heart these days is the fact that Georgia has learned to say ‘please.’ Does this mean that when she’s 16 and wants to take our car somewhere, ‘please’ really will be the magic word?

Uh oh!

Untitled from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

Like father like daughter

13 Jul


Could they be any more alike?

Paint colors

13 Jul

Choosing paint colors is something I don’t enjoy and I don’t particularly think I’m good at it. There is so much pressure in choosing a color for an entire room, let alone an entire house! I’m not good at committing to a color for an extended period of time. So, when we built our house, we spent weeks staring at a swatch book trying to find the perfect shade greige.

I thought I’d share the colors we used with you since a few people have asked (and I finally dug up the cans of paint in our basement). All of the paint in our house is Glidden, which is fantastic, but we chose to do an executive-type texture (read: super textured) and we constantly find places that need touched up from being ran into with plastic toys/garbage can lids/laundry baskets, etc.

Kennett Square is a really good color, but I think on our texture it gives it a funky pink cast, which is not good.
Though, it only looks that way in certain light and on certain days and I don’t hate it enough to paint our entire main floor. That’d just be crazy!

I think our favorite color in the whole house is the color in our powder room on the main floor and in our master bedroom (above). It’s not tan, it’s not gray, it almost has a greenish tint, but it’s fabulous and goes with everything. With that color we did good!

Advice for choosing paint?
I think the usual: spend a lot of time looking at the swatch in natural light, fluorescent light and if you can, paint a swatch in the actual room and see if you love it or hate it. Paint might be the least expensive way to spruce up a room, but it’s never good to have 2 gallons of a terrible paint color!


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