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1 year molars!

31 Aug

I feel like I haven’t done a G update in a really long time – but yesterday when we picked her up from daycare and got exciting news: one of her molars FINALLY broke through!


Okay, it’s not groundbreaking news, but Georgia is notorious for just swallowing food – no chewing for this girl. Maybe she thinks it takes too long to chew or it’s too much work OR maybe she needed some help and a molar (or two) will make her chew better. Here’s hoping because if we have one more choking scare I think the hubs might lose his mind!

What else is she into these days?

Books, playing outside, giving Ari kisses, brushing her hair and singing songs. Her fav jams: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Head Shoulder Knees Toes and the ABC’s. Hot beats in our house! And it’s funny when I start to sing a song because Georgia knows more words than you think a 16 month old would. She can sing the first 5 letters of the ABC’s, sing “Rain Rain go away, come again another day” and sometimes we get a few numbers while she “counts.”

She picks up on things so quickly these days, it’s incredible. And thankfully, we’ve just had 1 incident of her repeating a not so nice word. My fault: she heard me say Shit and then she said, “shit shit shit shit” for a while that night, but we haven’t heard it since. Ooopsies!

She also looooooooooves watching her “moomies” and “tv.” She doesn’t get to do it too often, so if we turn in Nick Jr or a Dora dvd, she is in heaven!

Aah, to be a kid again :)

The Nest: Tiled Wall

30 Aug

When we were designing our master bath and we picked individual mirrors that tilt, I started dreaming about tiling the wall behind the mirrors with some really pretty, iridescent tile.

Without many outlets or things to work around, I see this as a really quick weekend project that will totally pretty up the room.

So first, I pinned some inspiration pics.

All of these bathrooms just look really glamorous, don’t they?

Then I started doing some browsing. Ordering tile online is one thing that I’m not comfortable with, so I’ve been looking at some in our local home stores and these are the ones that I’m really into. I think you’ll sense the color palette I’m leaning toward.

Which do you like?

Seabreeze brown glass tile from Lowe’s.

Key Largo Interlocking Glass Tile at Home Depot.

Glacier ice brick glass mosaic tile from Home Depot.

Have you ever tiled a wall that isn’t a kitchen backsplash? Bathrooms need backsplashes, too!


29 Aug

I sound like a broken record, but life has been nuts in the Eagle household!
Let me give you a quick breakdown of the last 9 (eek!) days since I last blogged:

1. Started some landscaping projects – turns out transplanting plants from other places is stressful (for me and the plants!) It’s weird, but I’m telling you that taking these well-established happy plants from someone else’s house and bringing them to our backyard has me all worried that I uprooted them (literally) and they are now going to die. So far, so good. We’re slowly but surely filling in plants around our deck and will do the full landscape project later this fall or in the spring. It’ll depend on how busy things are into the next few months.

2. Finished our photo wall. I finally dug out our wedding cd and Georgia’s cd from her professional pics and had them printed to finish our wall. (Pics lata!)

3. Brainstormed about our back entry and how we want to move forward since I have yet to talk the hubs into cutting into our wall. I’m not very patient and I swear, if we have one more conversation about “should we” do it, I’m just going to go home at lunch one day and cut the hole myself, because then what can he do? But honestly, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me, but maybe I’m being unrealistic about cutting into a wall and studs…

4.  G had her 15 month check-up and came in at 96% for height and 99% for weight! That girl is just under 30 lbs and while her being that big had me worried she was “too big,” our pediatrician (who I adore!) reassured me her BMI is right at 50, so she’s just a tall girl. I see lots of volleyball games in our future! Or maybe she’ll continue to grow up and will have fabulously long dancer legs. A momma can dream, right? Because lets face it, I danced, but I never had the legs to be a ballerina. Here’s hoping!

5. Started dreaming up our next project (see post tomorrow!)

Here are some pics of our big girl over the last week or so. It’s been so crazy busy that I haven’t taken any photos except a few on my phone. #mommafail

Is that hair funny or what? I had to post the one of her just out of bed because it is so long and just hangs in  her face. If I don’t put it up in that ponytail she can’t see. It’s so funny!

My mom was in town over the weekend and took G shopping for some fall clothes – I can’t wait to show you what this girl will be rockin’ when the weather cools down. Ok – there’s my update – back to work! ;)

Check out my post tomorrow about the next project I want to tackle – and you can tell me if I’m crazy or not!

Happy Monday!

From a true clean freak….

20 Aug

I have to tell you about my newfound love for cleaning with vinegar. If you haven’t tried it or heard about it, I swear to you, it’s amazing!

I clean constantly and it’s almost like an obsession (ok, ok, it IS an obsession), so I know a good cleaning product when I find it. And the most frustrating thing to me has been keeping SO many cleaners on hand – one for windows, one for bathtubs and sinks, another for toilets, another for our stainless steel appliances, and more for our wood floors… know what can make any of those sparkle?


There are tons of articles out there and on the web that talk about uses for vinegar, but here is one I really like and, I trust TLC.

I keep a couple of bottles of white vinegar in the house for jobs that require a concentrated amount or a sink full of half and half, but I normally use a spray bottle with a half and half mixture of vinegar and water.

The smell isn’t nearly as bad as you would think and you’ll be happy to carry one spray bottle around the house and not fill it with toxins and those strong odors.

Let me know what you use vinegar on – I’m always up for a new cleaning trick! ;)

Week in review

15 Aug

Since I’ve been MIA from my blog for the past week, I’m going to do a quick update in photos. There has been lots going on and with launches coming up, it’s not slowing down anytime soon!

Miss G came down with some nasty virus last week – her temp spiked all the way up to 10.4.5. Scary and it just wiped her out.

Lots of snuggles last week…Ari looks impressed, doesn’t he?

Since she couldn’t go to daycare with a low grade fever, she came to work with momma on Friday.

While she was here, she had to represent!!

Friday night went went to the Iowa State Fair for the Jason Aldean concert and got hooked up with some Meet & Greets!

Hi there, Mr. Aldean! You are delightful in person :)

Rocking out with my little sister at the concert.

Then Sunday we went to a friend’s pool and Georgia got to go “simmin.”

She loved it! My little water baby.

Daddy bought her a pretty sweet floaty. It was so nice to not worry too much about her getting burnt because of the sun shade. (and isn’t she rockin’ that bikini?)

And I’ll upload more pics of our girls weekend with my friend April who came up from Atlanta tonight – they’re on my other camera. Which I left at home. Ugh, Monday mornings!

A small project that didn’t stay small

10 Aug

Remember a few days ago when I told you about our back entryway and the space issues we had there? And then I showed you the cube unit I bought to hopefully hide some of our shoes and clutter, but it’s too big for the space?

Well, I think I’ve found a solution!

Have you ever seen the show on the DIY Network called Wasted Spaces? When I was racking my brain to come up with a solution where we could keep the storage AND open up the entryway, I remembered one episode I saw where they cut into the drywall to add a “built-in” bookcase because the hallway wasn’t wide enough for the piece of furniture they bought. *ding ding!*

I ran the idea by Ryan and I think he’s on board. We should have no problem cutting a spot in the drywall and through the studs (but not through to the bathroom on the other side) so we can insert the storage unit to make it look built-in, get our storage AND get our walkway back.

What do you think? Have you ever done this before to open up wasted space?

It’s a crazy life!

9 Aug

I knew it was coming, but now that the craziness has hit I find myself making the most of every hour of the day.

What craziness? Well, in addition to starting a new bootcamp and being a momma and wife, the website I work for is launching at 8 schools this month so there are lots of hours spent at the office and more hours at night working to ensure everything runs smoothly when we launch.

We also had a really fun weekend in Des Moines last weekend and have another one on the way as the State Fair rolls into town!

Until I have some more time to post about everything going on in our nest, here’s a cute pic of G from our trip to the zoo on Saturday and one from the bounce-house place on Friday.

Watching the birds with her friend Hannah.

Georgia looooooved “jumpy jumpy.”

Family outing to the (Iowa) Cubs game

5 Aug

Ryan and I are both huge baseball fans and living in Des Moines we’re lucky to have the I-Cubs in town to give us that taste of MLB when our state/city doesn’t have a team.

There is nothing like going to a baseball game, sitting in the sun, eating a hotdog and drinking a cold beer…..!

This week Ryan’s company had their annual outing to Principal Park and we were excited to dress G up in a new outfit from her Nama and watch some ball.

The park sits right next to the Des Moines River, so Georgia spent most of the time running to the railing saying, “Water! Water!”



Small Spaces: Re-do

4 Aug

Let me preface this post by saying I’m not totally in love with the fix I’ve put in place to take care of the visual clutter of our shoes all over the back entry. I initially bought this cabinet/cubby thing at Target and expected it to lay the long way, but turns out I’m not very good at eyeballing 35-ish inches. The space wasn’t big enough for it to lay horizontally, so we had to place it vertically and I can’t tell if that is throwing me off or if it’s just too big for the space. (ssssh! Don’t tell my husband that he might be right…..)

Here are the pics of the final product.

What I see when I’m standing in the kitchen. If we decide to leave the cubbys there we will remove a portion of the trim so it sits flush against the wall and it won’t lean like that (or stick out quite as far.)

What I see when I come in the door from the garage. This isn’t a bad view.

And the reason why I want to keep the cubbys: it hides so much stuff! Tiny girl shoes, big husband shoes and other random things we need on the way out the door.

What do you think? Too big? Doesn’t go with the rest of the house?

Have you ever sacrificed style or design for your sanity?

Small Spaces

3 Aug

When we were just starting to talk about building a house, we found the floor plan which we ultimately ended up building, so it goes without saying that we love the layout of our house.

But (there’s always a but), there is one room we knew we couldn’t make work due to space and budget and it was the mud room/back entry. We tried and tried to finagle some space from here or some space from there to pop out this room to give us an actual mudroom instead of just an entry from the garage – but we just couldn’t do it. So, over the past year+ we’ve been living with an awkward space, visual clutter (eeeek!) and the embarrassment of people tripping over our boot tray full of shoes.

Here’s the evidence:

(ignore the dirty flip flop – guess it’s time for some new ones!)

This is the view looking from the kitchen to the garage door. It’s a sad view isn’t it.

But this post isn’t about the sad view, it’s about THE FIX. I may have found a semi-good fix. The hubs is working on it right now, so once it’s finished and put in the space, I’ll share pics and the review.

Stay tuned!


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