UPDATED: G’s big girl room – part 2

3 Apr

UPDATE: With 4 nights in the big girl bed, Georgia has only gotten out once. It was the night I went to see The Hunger Games with girlfriends and this is the text I got from Ryan, “Out of bed once. So quiet like a ninja. I caught her trying to get back in bed. Kind of funny but this is going to suck now.” I have to admit, I laughed out loud when I read the text. He said that he only heard her bc the door made noise when she opened it and he was still upstairs. He went to our bedroom door, saw her standing in the hallway and when she spotted him, she turned and ran back into her room and tried to climb into bed, but it’s too high for her to get in… ha! The visual is pretty dang funny! She hasn’t gotten out of bed again, so it doesn’t seem to be a pattern. She even told me, “Mama, I love my big girl bed,” and she also yelled at the hubs this morning bc he got on her bed and she said, “Daddy, that MY big girl bed.” Yes, Ma’am!



I told you we were going to switch Georgia to her big girl bed soon, well, Sunday was the day!

Why Sunday? We’d had a long weekend so I knew she’d be tired and shouldn’t fight going to sleep and we had time on Sunday afternoon to take apart her crib and put together the new twin bed and really, we wanted to get it over with!

(just wanted to add a cute picture…that’s all)

Once the bed was put together, it looked a awkward in her room since it has a headboard and footboard and we pushed it up against the wall. We probably could do a safety rail on each side of the bed and not put it against the wall, but it just made sense to start with it pushed against the wall with 1 rail until she got used to it. I’m not crazy about how it looks in there right now, but I suppose safety is more important than decor.

When bedtime rolled around, we did have a little bit of a game plan. The bed was made, the rail was on and we walked Georgia in there and talked to her about hew new big girl bed. She was really excited and was jumping around and wanted up, so we picked her up and set her on the bed, directly behind the rail. I have no idea if this is a proven thing or not, but it just seemed to make sense to treat it ‘like’ a crib in that we had to lift her in and out so she wasn’t so comfortable crawling in and out, therefore she’d stay in bed once we put her in like she did in the crib. I definitely no genius, but the first two nights she’s been in it and she hasn’t gotten out yet! (Knocking on wood)

We have followed the regular bedtime routine: bath, jammies, read books and then light off, prayers and bed. She did fuss a bit so I told her I’d stand in her room holding her hand and it wasn’t more than 2 minutes and she was asleep. Last night it was more of the same. Ryan stayed in her room, standing next to the bed until she fell asleep, which was just a few minutes. She’s slept through the night like normal and is in bed when we go in there at 7am. I can hardly believe it and I’m sure we’ll have nights where she’s standing at the top of the stairs yelling, but it’s been a much smoother transition than I thought and I know the hubs has breathed a sigh of relief. He was worried the new bed would throw things in our house completely out of whack. Thankfully it has not!

Do you see a cute toddler in there?

Oh! There she is!

Doesn’t look like she’s bothered by the change.

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