Parenting Fail

16 Apr

In 2 years, this is the first huge fail we’ve had as parents, though I think we’re damn lucky to have gotten this far!

On Saturday night, we had a bunch of friends and their kids over for a bbq and party, so it was close to 9:30 before we had Georgia in the bath and in bed. We ran through the usual bedtime routine and you could see it in her eyes: she was exhausted. Turns out running, jumping and having dance party for hours and hours wears a girl out!

So we got her in bed, and the hubs and I went to the basement (2 floors down) to sit on our new couch (yes! It’s in!) and relax. We took the monitor with us so we could hear her.

After a few minutes, we hear some noises, but not on the monitor, just in the house. I figured she was passed out because she’d played hard and we didn’t hear her yell for us like she normally does at least once a night. The hubs thought the noises were her but I said, it’s just the house creaking because it was storming so incredibly windy! With that, neither of us went to check on her and the monitor stayed quiet.

Flash-forward about an hour and I was ready for bed. I headed up stairs and, as I do every night, went into G’s room to cover her up bc she never keeps her blanket on. I went into her room and thought my eyes were deceiving me. It took me a second to process: she wasn’t in her bed! I immediately dropped to the floor to look under her bed. Not there either.

At that point I’m freaking out and opening every door upstairs. We keep them all closed so she can’t wander at night, but as I checked the guest bedroom, the bathroom and our bedroom and didn’t find her I was hysterical. I ran downstairs and yelled for Ryan. He can running up too, ran into her room like I did, looked for her and then ran into our room to look for her. She was no where to be found.

Our bathroom door was shut inside our bedroom – which is weird – so Ryan flung that open and there was our baby – asleep on the floor in our closet!

As soon as he picked her up, she started sobbing. Hysterically. It took about 20 minutes to calm her down and then she wouldn’t lay in her bed without crying, so spent the night with her in there and at least one of us got sleep. (Her)

As much as we can figure, we must’ve forgotten to shut our bedroom door, and she has a habit of closing doors behind her, so I bet she got out of bed, closed her door, then went into our room, closed the door and then into the bathroom and closed that door. And through 3 doors we couldn’t hear her crying on the monitor. F0r more than an hour. Awful. I still feel awful about it, but thankfully she didn’t get hurt and has been fine about sleeping in her bed.

Let’s just say that we will be positive to shut all of the doors from now on!

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