It’s coming together

16 May

The second coffee table arrived from and miraculously wasn’t damaged, so the basement is starting to look a little more put together.

And Ari is such a diva. I walked downstairs with the camera to snap these pictures and of course he followed me (he has a serious fear of being alone or left somewhere). As soon as he saw where I was pointing the camera, he jumped up on the couch and posed. No joke.

The table is a exclusive piece and as soon as I saw the simple lines, the criss-cross bottom, and the dark stain that isn’t too cherry, I knew it was perfect. You can buy it here. (and now it’s on SUPER SALE, of course)

Not only are things shaping up inside the house, our landscaping outside is looking pretty lush. I think this might be my favorite time of year in Iowa. Late spring, when everything is in bloom.

I mean, check out these knockout roses that we have in front of our house!

I’m no gardener, so when the guy at the landscaping store told me these are super simple to take care of year to year AND they continue to bloom and bloom all summer long, I was sold! Though I’ve noticed that a lot of the leaves have little white dots/holes in them. Any thoughts? Aphids?

We also are currently hosting a small family at our house….a small (soon-to-be) family of robins!

Last week I heard a lot of chirping outside our master bedroom, which is at the front of our house off of the upper deck, and when I finally remembered to peek out when I heard the noise, I saw this.

If you know me at all, you know I hate birds. They’re dirty and freak me out and when they build nests and people mess with them, they can get hostile! You can guarantee I wasn’t getting anywhere near that nest, but finally I got the hubs to peek in on it when the momma (daddy?) bird was gone and we saw exactly what we were afraid we’d see. An egg.

So, as much as I loathe birds and the bird crap that is ending up all over our deck, the egg is fabulous shade of blue AND I can’t bring myself to ┬áknock down this nest now that we know for sure there is an egg in there. I’m not totally heartless. That poor momma birdie would be heartbroken and I just can’t do that, so I’ve been googling how long robin eggs take to hatch, because as soon as that baby bird can fly outta there, that dirty nasty nest is gone. Well, I’ve learned a few things. Robins lay 1 egg per day, so if she laid that egg today or yesterday, there might be more eggs coming. I also learned once all of the eggs are laid, that momma will snuggle in for 12-14 days! Then, once they hatch, it takes 9-16 days before the babies can leave the nest. I guess we’ll be staring at that icky dirty thing for a while longer. You’re welcome, Momma Robin. You’re Welcome.

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