Father’s Day DIY

20 Jun

Like I said on Sunday, I have had the idea for this Father’s Day gift for a couple of months now, so I was thrilled to finally see the finished product. I do have to be honest and tell you, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but it never is, is it?

I had seen on quite a few blogs tutorials on how to make your own coasters and with out basement slowly getting put together and our new coffee table finally here, I knew the perfect Dad’s Day gift was homemade coasters. I wasn’t going to follow the standard DIY coaster plan with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge – I was going to give it a twist and bring Georgia into the mix.

I started with square white tiles from the hardware store – only .13 cents a piece! I knew whatever backing I put on them had to be able to protect the sharp ceramic corners and edges. These inevitably will be handled by kids and I don’t want them to have the chance to scratch the coffee table or anything else. Most of the blog posts just said to use felt squares on the corners, but I wanted something more substantial and thankfully I had some cork left over from the project I did to cover up the electrical box. It was just what I was looking for – and it didn’t cost me anything. Bonus!

I started by cutting the leftover cork to fit the tiles.

Which left me with this.

To get the cork to stick – and stick for a long time – I wanted to try Gorilla Glue. I’d never used the stuff, but had heard it was amazing and tons of people use it on DIY projects, so I grabbed some when I was out buying the tiles.

I quickly skimmed the directions on the Gorilla Glue which said it was activated with water, so I spritzed both the back of the tile and the cork square with water then put Gorilla Glue on them and pressed the two together. The most important part of Gorilla Glue is the pressure applied to the thing that is glued.  They called it clamping. So I applied glue on everything and then stacked them with magazines on top to push it all together.
It was then while I as standing there that I re-read the bottle of Gorilla glue and saw that it said, in italics, to use a thin layer of glue because it expands. A LOT. Well, turns out I think I used too much glue.

It wasn’t long before my coasters were starting to look like s’mores as the excess glue expanded and squished out. I guess the layer of glue I did wasn’t thin enough. EEK.

At this point, I had to walk away (and I actually had to walk away and be somewhere) so I left them alone until the next morning, when I realized I was going to have to pry them apart – or claim it as a total DIY fail. I was not going to admit defeat yet, so I moved then to the garage, grabbed a box cutter (because I couldn’t find a razor blade to to the scraping) and got to work.

Yes, a mess.

I started scraping and scraping. It took me more than an hour to scrape all of the crazy puffy/hard glue off the sides of the tiles and the top of the tiles. Somehow it was everywhere. I hope you all learn from my mistakes – Gorilla Glue is some crazy shit. Oh and it’s helpful to read the directions.

An hour later, I was back to square one.

Not bad, right?

Fast forward to Sunday night when G got home. I sat her downstairs at her craft table with paint that I bought to match our decor and some paint brushes and we got to work ‘decorating’ the tiles for daddy. I did tape off a few designs of stripes and diagonals, but otherwise it was freehand painting and handprints.

I took the coasters outside so I could be in a well ventilated area to seal them with acrylic sealant. This stuff by Krylon got great reviews for its non-yellowing and waterproof gloss finish. Perfect for something that will likely be holding sweaty drink glasses.

I sprayed the sealant on the tiles on the deck so I would be sure to not get sick from the fumes, but when I lifted the coasters I saw this.

Do we think the hubs will be mad? I hope it goes away!

When Ryan finally got to see the homemade coasters, he was really impressed. He said was surprised by my creativeness and of course praised G a lot for her focus and hard work on the painting. I’m thrilled he loved them – and again tonight he told me what a cool idea it was and that he wants to make more. I’m not so sure about making more, but I’m glad he likes them and is excited to use them and show them off.

We also put them through some real-life situations tonight.

And they passed with flying colors! Yay us!

If you want to make your own coasters, you could of course follow the tutorial I linked to above and make coasters with some fun scrapbook paper or you could take a similar approach and paint tiles – however you wish. Georgia did a great job, I was lucky enough to fix my Gorilla Glue (almost) fail, and Ryan loves the coasters and can’t stop talking about them. Great success!

So another successful DIY project in the books!

On another note, the weather has been sooooo hot that we have been playing outside later in the evening after dinner and playing in the basement first thing after work when it’s too damn hot to be outside.

Last night G and I played some hella Peek-A-Boo in her playhouse. There’s no story here, just cute pics for the Grandmas.

I hope you had a great Father’s Day and gave your dad or your baby daddy something they loved – big or small.

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