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Goodbye Boobie Light

7 Mar

I don’t think anyone likes boob lights. Seriously. Why do they put these in homes?

I hate boob lights so much, but we’ve lived with this one for almost 4 years.

Asking yourself what a boobie light is?



BOOB. BOOB. BOOB. You’ll never be able to look at those lights the same again.

Tonight the boob went bye bye.



So much better!

I’ve seen lights like this ALL over the place. Pottery Barn. Ballard Designs. But I’m waaaaay too cheap for those places. I found this one on

For $80 (with a coupon code). See it here. Just can’t beat it!

Why did I make the curtains?

26 Jun

You might ask yourself why I would go to the trouble to make curtains for the baby’s nursery, rather than buy them from Pottery Barn Teen?

And the answer is simple: I’ve gotten cheap in my old age. (I’ll be 30 tomorrow, people, and right now that’s feeling pretty old.)

To buy these curtains from PBTeen, lined and in the 84” length, they were $89 per panel for a total of: $178! For 2 curtains!

What I did was hit up World Market and get 2 of these panels ($26.99 per), with a 15% off coupon for about $46. Then I bought 4 yards of blackout liner at Joann’s Fabrics for $3.99 a yard – another $15 – plus two rolls of grosgrain ribbon at 2.99 per roll ($5.98).
In total, to make these curtains it cost me a little bit of time spread out over 3+ weeks (motivation is waning here) and the total out of my pocket was……

Curtains: $46
Blackout Liner: $15
Ribbon Trim: $5.98

Total: $66.98!

That is less on both curtains than I would’ve paid for one panel from PB. An the hubs thinks I just spend money to spend money. I’m a saver! I saved us money!

I got them more or less finished last night and was anxious to see how good the blackout liners are during the day. I snapped these pics this morning.

photo (1)

Pretty good, right?

Pretty good, right?

I think those will do! and for saving me more than $100, I’m happy with how they turned out! Now if they can magically help the baby nap!

DIY Nursery Curtains

11 Jun

After the Horrible Curtain Debacle of 2013 (ok, I may be exaggerating…), I asked you all what you thought of the replacement choices.

Most everyone I talked to chose this option:

PB Teen Curtains

PB Teen Curtains


My problem with these curtains was the price. They’re $79-$109 PER PANEL. Yes, they have blackout liner, yes, they’re adorable. But, really? Beyond the price, I was worried about the two options for the pink ribbon trim. Online, neither seemed the correct shade of pink for the nursery. I did not want to order these and have them arrive only to realize they clashed horribly with the rest of the room.

Safer to make my own right? I could easily pick ribbon that matched and spend a couple of hours ironing it on just like I did for our dining room curtains.

Thankfully, this pattern on the curtains was going to prove much simpler than the Greek key pattern I did on the dining room curtains, so I wasn’t worried about tackling this in a couple of hours.

Yesterday at lunch I shopped for the materials, and last night I got to work.

I started with these ‘Parker‘ curtains from World Market.

PARKER curtains - World Market

PARKER curtains – World Market


I got two panels, with a 15% coupon for $48. They need to be lined with blackout liner, but the price and the dark grommets are perfect for the room.

Then, I got to work with the ribbon.

photo (3)


I measured, added iron on adhesive and ironed the decorative trim to the curtains. The hardest part of this was the 45 degree angles at the corner. The hubs stepped in to help me with this. I only finished one panel last night but I hung it up to get an idea of the finished look.

photo (2)


Cute and so much fresher than the old option. I’m so happy with how this one turned out, I can’t wait to get the other one finished, get the lined and call this project DONE.

When I haven’t been working on projects in the nursery, I’ve been hanging with my big girl.

photo (5)


And she’s found a use for my big bump.



Baby Girl’s Nursery

5 Jun

It’s finally here, in all of it’s yet-to-be-finished glory.

Basically the room is painted, bedding on the bed, two things I have to hang are hung and now it’s time to accessorize, accessorize, and accessorize! My favorite part, but also the part that I think is most challenging.

We did run into one little snafu once the room was painted. The curtains I had bought from Land of Nod looked horrible with the paint color. It was like, a sea of pink – and not in a good way. Thankfully, the Customer Service at Land of Nod is AMAZING and even though I ordered the curtains months ago, and no longer have any of the original packaging, I can send them back, no problem.

Here’s the room:











Georgia gave her baby sister her Wubby

Georgia gave her baby sister her Wubby


Here’s the deal with the room -it needs some relief from pink and that was very apparent with the curtains. Currently the curtains can be seen (and just a sliver of them) in the first and second pictures above. They’re going back tomorrow. Since I think I’ll be getting Merchandise Credit to Land of Nod, I’m leaning toward these curtains as a replacement:


Though, there are also these:


The third option I’ve toss around is ordering plain white curtains from L of N and then adding a bit of ribbon, similar to these from PBTeen.


I’m not sure which direction to go, but need to decide ASAP!

Also, to add relief above the crib, I’ve been looking at art on Etsy and a few other stores. I mocked up some examples with the art I’m considering. Any of them strike you?

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.50.42 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.51.08 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.54.19 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.59.51 PM

I think I would mat them all in white, for sure, but I’m not sure on the frame. Do I frame them in white or is that too random? Do I paint a frame a dark coral? Espresso wood to match the rest of the room?

Needless to say, I’m struggling here on how to offset all of the pink! The paint is much brighter than I anticipated so now I’m trying to work with it, because there is no way I’m having the hubs repaint the room. I enjoy being married :) and I know that conversation would not end well.

So there ya go! That’s the progress we’ve made, though there is still lots more to come!
I’d love you to weigh in on curtain choices and art for above the crib. I have my faves, but I’d love to know yours!

Looks like a baby girl’s room!

3 Jun

The weekend was full of projects and working around the house, and while things aren’t hung and back in their places yet, I had to give you a peek at the baby’s room!
I love the color, even though it is brighter/darker than I had anticipated, it matches everything perfectly.

#1 – Ryan dislikes painting, in general.

#2 – Painting the walls in our house is horrible. When we built the house, we had to choose between orange peel texture (what is in most houses) or executive texture, often called knock-down.

Knock Down/Executive Texture

Knock Down/Executive Texture

Orange Peel Texture

Orange Peel Texture

Knock down texture is often just used on ceilings but sometimes will cover all the walls. We chose executive texture for our house, thinking it would add more detail and maybe even give it an older home look, which is what we were striving for when we picked all of the craftsman and classic finishes. Turns out, the texture is horrible to paint! You need to use a super-thick nap roller (like the one used for stucco), which sucks up tons of paint. You also have to use a lot of pressure when you roll to get paint in all of the nooks and crannies = sore arms – AND you have to do 2 coats and use a lot of paint.

Ryan finished just 3 of the bedroom walls (two of which were mostly taken up by the closet and window!) and had already emptied a gallon. Yah, he was annoyed.

Working hard

Working hard

By last night when I was giving Georgia a bath, he was just doing touch ups, and moving furniture into place. Since the walls were still damp in places, we couldn’t hang anything, put the curtains back, etc, but tonight we will and then I’ll take whole room shots.  (The color we used was Valspar Paint + Primer in one in Baby Blush)

I did snap a pic on my phone looking down the hall to the girls’ rooms (weird!) from our room. This is what we’ll see:


You can tell we have a house full of girls!

Progress is in Progress

31 May

So we’re preparing to paint the nursery… slow and steady around here!

We bought paint, supplies and have moved all of the furniture to the middle of the room.

photo (21)

See? I mean it this time!

Painting will begin tomorrow night – then, we can put the furniture in place, hang mirrors and shelves and the room will hopefully come together. Right now, I’m feeling a little lost as to what we have, what we need and how everything will look together.

I did make one more purchase while at the Red Ball Store the other night (Target, to the layperson).

While wandering past the outdoor/summer section, i saw these big colorful baskets made of all weather material. One was shades of blue, and one was shades of pink and coral. I’ve been on the hunt for a big basket that isn’t too tall, so I can put books and toys in there and the babe can crawl over, read books, etc…and this one is perfect! It was also on special this week for just $19.99. Major bonus!

Threshold Outdoor Storage

Threshold Outdoor Storage

And Big Sister Georgia hand picked alllll of those books for the baby. As she brought everyone into the room and tossed them in the basket she said, “My baby sister will love this book.”

Nursery progress to come by the end of the weekend. I promise!

…aaaand the nursery is back on track!

26 Apr

Yesterday, I got a great phone call. I was going to say the best phone call, but that seemed a little over the top….but I was grinning from ear-to-ear when I hung up!

My friend Bridget from Land of Nod called me again (and when I say friend, I mean the customer service girl who has been keeping me up to date on the backorder situation) to follow-up on the back-ordered bedding situation, and this time had good news! The bedding I ordered should arrive in 2-3 weeks! I am pumped! I told her she made my day and just took a big weight off of my shoulders because I don’t have to start the room from scratch. Whew!

So, here is the inspiration board I shared a while back.

Baby Girl

Baby Girl

We have the crib and dresser, the curtains are here and hung, and in a couple of weeks when the crib skirt and sheet arrive, we can buy paint and really get to decorating this room.

I have a plan again.
I don’t have to spend anymore time scouring the internet for bedding I like, though would never like as well as this from Land of Nod.
It will all be here soon and hopefully, we can have the nursery done before June 1st.

Happy Friday, peeps!


Nursery and Bump Progress

25 Apr

I’ve actually surprised myself by the lack of progress I’ve been making in the nursery.

We’ve gotten the room 90% cleared out, I sold a ton of stuff on Craigslist over the last two months, but that’s about it. There are still random books that need to be stored elsewhere, suitcases need to moved to the basement and I need to find a spot for some of my summer clothes that I keep not being able to wear.

Here’s what the room looks like – it’s embarrassing to show you!

photo (11)

photo (12)

(sorry for the crappy iPhone pics..too tired to deal with the good camera tonight)

Tonight I did start going through the 0-6 month tub of clothes, sorting what I wanted to use again, tossing out gross undershirts that had  yellowed over time (remember, Georgia was a puker), and hanging things up in the closet so I can asses what I have.

photo (10)

It’s safe to say the baby won’t be naked!

It was fun to go through the clothes and remember when Georgia wore them and how different our lives were then! It seems like ages ago when Georgia was a tiny 8 pound baby. Going through the bin of clothes also reminded me how tiny she was! She was wearing newborn clothes well into July when she was 3 months old! We have plenty of newborn clothes, that’s for sure. I’m so interested to see if this babe will 1. Come Early, or 2. Be small and match up season with G perfectly or be huge and not match up seasons/clothes at all. Time will tell I guess!

The other thing holding us back from making much visible progress on the room is the baby bedding. The bedding I pinned and used in my inspiration board a while back is backordered. Originally it was backordered until early May, which I could live with. Now it’s back ordered until mid to late-June. That is too close for comfort for me, so although I haven’t cancelled it yet, I have started looking for an alternative.

Without the bedding, I don’t want to paint or start buying accessories. We did it backwards with Georgia’s room and I have never quite loved the way the paint color works with everything else, and I do not want to paint this room twice. So in the meantime, I’m slowly cleaning out the room and getting everything else organized.

I’m also getting a big bump!



Here’s my belly last week at 26 weeks. Big, right?

Hopefully the next time I give you an update on the nursery, I’ll have bedding chosen and ordered and maybe even the rest of the room flushed out. I’m getting antsy! (Hard to imagine, I know!)

Master Bathroom Redo

17 Apr

Like I said before: there was nothing wrong with our bathroom – it just lacked style. And color.
Yah, it was awful :)

I’d gotten some beautiful grasscloth wallpaper from work and didn’t have enough to do an accent wall in a full room so I had to rethink where it would work – and behind the mirrors in our master bath was perfect!

On the right is the new paint color. It’s fresh and not too dark and not too blue. It’s the perfect shade for a bathroom.

First, we painted the room, minus the area behind the mirrors where we would be putting the wallpaper.


Then, based on a tutorial for hanging grasscloth I found online (find full instructions there), the hubs and our friend Jake began by stapling the sheet to the wall up near the ceiling and then covering the wall in paste, instead of putting wallpaper paste on the back of the paper.



Stapling the paper to the wall was the best thing to do because the paper was heavy and thick and now that we’ve removed the staples, you can’t see the marks at all in the textured paper. It completely sped up the process. Fantastic advice for anyone who is going to hang grasscloth wallpaper.

Once the paper was up, the hubs used an exacto knife to cut around the outlet and the hardware that hung the mirrors.


The paper was so wide that it took one full sheet and then only half the width of another sheet. Who knew it would take that little paper? ObviouslyI’m bad at judging the size of a wall!


So after getting all two strips of wallpaper up on the wall, it was time to start putting the mirrors back up.


Once everything was hung, the room was finished! Quick, (mostly) painless bathroom redo!


I love the way the room turned out. It feels finished now. It feels decorated. Now, the only project I really have left is the baby room. If only the bedding wasn’t backordered until May!

Baby #2 – The first purchases

14 Mar

Our little fam got stuck in South Dakota this weekend for an extra day due to icy roads, 10+ inches of snow on our route, and closed interstates, so my sister-in-law and I thought there was no better way to spend our Sunday than online shopping! And for whom? I’m sure you can guess.

I’ve been pinning cribs for weeks now, and we finally chose a 4-in-1 convertible crib and a dresser, ordered both, and both will be here by the weekend. I’m more than excited to get the room put together – but totally dreading cleaning out the closet in the baby’s room that has turned into the catchall/junk closet.

Back to the fun stuff: what we bought!

Storkcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 crib

Storkcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 crib

[Buy it here]

We ended up getting a great deal on Amazon (plus free shipping!), but what I love most about this crib is the clean lines, the variation in the spindles and the tiny bit of fluting at the top. It has to have a feminine detail! Plus, a lot of the cribs now have large wood panels on the bottom so you can’t even see the crib skirt. If I’m getting baby girl such a cute crib skirt, I want to be able to see it!

Then, I knew I wanted a dresser, but we learned with Georgia we don’t need a TON of dresser space because even at almost 3, we are still hanging most of G’s clothes (and the 2 dressers in her room are mostly empty or full of crap that I need to go through!).


Storkcraft Aspen Combo dresser

Storkcraft Aspen Combo dresser

[Buy it here]

We bought both pieces of furniture in Espresso and even though they’re not from the same ‘line,’ I think they’ll look great together. I have a hard time with really matchy-matchy rooms. I imagine putting the changing pad on there and then maybe a basket or lamp. I also am already shopping for pink glass knobs to swap out for the plain wood ones. Gotta glam it up in there, since this girl won’t have the chandelier like G does.

This brand has gotten a ton of reviews and of course, they’re mixed. Some people LOVE it, some people HATE it, which is pretty standard. I hope the quality is what I expect when they arrive. I’ll let you know!

I had also planned on ordering the bedding from Land of Nod on Sunday, too, but I just couldn’t pull the trigger without a coupon code. I signed up for their emails, but have YET to see a coupon code email or sale email. Anyone know if they do them? (everything on was expired or already used) So, I’ll either have to suck it up and pay full price or hold out a little longer for a coupon code.

Then, after the bedding arrives, we’ll choose paint colors and really get to work. Excited to have the room coming together!  I love projects.



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