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Week 30 (and 31)

23 May

Today marks the beginning of week 31 – woo hoo!

I had my 30 week doctor’s appointment this week, and everything is going well. Baby’s heart rate was 145, I’m measuring 32 weeks (which is normal) and I’ve gained another 2 lbs – bringing me to 18 pounds total. Not too shabby!

In addition to making a baby and working 8-5, we’ve been spending lots of time doing fun stuff with Georgia. Over the weekend Ryan traveled up to our lake house to get it opened up for the summer, so Georgia and I had a girls’ weekend. We sunned ourselves, painted fingernails and toenails, saw Sesame Street Live, and ate ice cream. It was exhausting, but awesome. Here are some pics from the weekend:


Saturday Morning Sun

Saturday Morning Sun


Heading to Sesame Street Live - wearing matching dresses with her bestie (Not even planned!)

Heading to Sesame Street Live – wearing matching dresses with her bestie (Not even planned!)


Didn't buy a $10 balloon, bought $6 popcorn.

Didn’t buy a $10 balloon, bought $6 popcorn.


Yes, we'd accidentally packed matching jean jackets, too.

Yes, we’d accidentally packed matching jean jackets, too.


Doing kitchen science experiments. Safety first!

Doing kitchen science experiments. Safety first!


Magic Mud (corn starch and water = who knew?)

Magic Mud (corn starch and water = who knew?)


Me and my girl had a great weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing the fam at the lake for the long weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!








Sorry for party rockin

23 May

In the world of 2 year olds, we had a hella weekend!

The hubs went up to our lake house to work on the minor major dandelion problem we have, so Georgia and I and some of our closest friends got our (2 year old) party on!

It all started with Sesame Street Live on Saturday morning. This was the first real “show” we’ve taken Georgia too and I was nervous, but she had a blast! We don’t watch much Sesame Street but of course, she knows who Elmo is and kept asking for him whenever he wasn’t on stage. I wanted to tell her that the teenage kid in the costume was probably really hot and needed a break, but I didn’t want to ruin the magic.

We had second row seats and let’s just say the kids got lots of high 5’s from the characters. I had no idea who half of the ‘friends’ who live on Sesame Street were – I mean, where did they come from? Did Snuffleupagus get evicted and then the weird purple guy with the big nose moved in? I was so confused.


Here’s Georgia holding her ticket like a big girl. This was before the show so I think I was more excited than she was at this point.


At intermission they turned the lights on and brought huuuuge Elmo balloons up near the stage. You could just hear every kid in Wells Fargo Arena saying, “I want a balloon! Elmo! Elmo! I want an Elmo balloon.” Damn, they’re smart. Have I mentioned my kid looooves ballons? And this Elmo balloon was $10.


Yup, we got one. And she was the happiest girl on the planet!

After the show we took the kids to the sculpture park for a picnic lunch. The day was gorgeous and the kids had lots of steam to blow off. They didn’t eat much, they ran a lot and we got some really great pictures.

Is there anything better than rolling down a huge hill?


Then we tried to get a good picture of all 4 kids in this huge bust made out of letters, but have you ever tried to get 4 kids to look at a camera at once? Yah, it didn’t work very well, but two kids in particular were quite comfortable with each other.

Now that I think about it, Georgia did want to sit by Henry at the show. And then we tried to take pictures and this is what they did. No prompting, I swear.

First they played it cool.


Then shit got real.


Then I couldn’t help but laugh, aaaand let my mind flash foward about 12 years. Wouldn’t that be nuts? But really, it was hilarious and so cute.


By then, the kids were zonked, so we went home for naps. That night G and I planted flowers in the hanging baskets and got good and dirty, took a bubble bath and had sprinkle pancakes for dinner. I know you’re jealous.

The next morning we went with our friends Erin and Peyton to the zoo. It was just the second time we’ve taken Georgia and she’s obsessed with animals so it was a no-brainer that she’d have a blast.

Checking out the otters.


Big eggs!


Playing in the kangaroo pouch.


Feeding the llama (and I prayed we’d leave with all 10 fingers intact).


And seriously, this guy was pissing me off. Calm it down, goat.



Leaving the new sea lion exhibit. Very cool, Des Moines. Very cool!

After all of this (and some Pizza Ranch) we all needed a nap! It was a big weekend doing fun things around the city and I had a blast. It’s weekends like these that I need to remind myself that Des Moines is a good place to live, to raise our family and that I should stop being so antsy about getting out. (and I think the grandparents would slash the tires on our car if we tried to move away.)

So yah, my weekends look pretty different these days, but I’ll admit it, this weekend was a blast.








Girls’ weekend

16 May
If it was 2005 and I was blogging about a girls’ weekend, I’d probably be talking about glamming up, going out, drinking and dancing until 2am. 
Fast forward to 2011 and the girls’ weekend I had couldn’t be any different – but it was totally wonderful!
On Friday, Georgia came home to gates on her beloved stairs. 
Honestly, could baby gates be any uglier? (Imagine a Chandler Bing-like inflection there…..aaaaah, Friends)
We are moving this hideous gate up to the top of the stairs and getting a “prettier” one for the bottom. I just couldn’t stare at it any longer. Yes, it keeps our baby safe, but I have standards!
Then, Saturday morning – since the weather was crap and we couldn’t go to the zoo – we went swimming with our friends Erin and Peyton at the Waukee Y, then grabbed some dinner at the Pizza Ranch. 
Georgia wore a new swimsuit (since she’s grown out of her yellow bikini and heart one-piece already!) so I tried to do a quick photo shoot with my chubby bumpkin.
What? This old thing? 

Trying to get a picture of a 1 year old = impossible.

I love this girl!

What? You’d like me sit still?

The best thing about living in Waukee is that you often run into people you know and it really makes gives it a small town feel. We ran into our daycare provider’s husband and daughters also making an icky day better by indoor swimming!

Besties pre-swim.
By the time we got home Saturday night, Georgia was exhausted and ready for bath and bed. I even got motivated enough (during commercial breaks of The Antonio Treatment) to pound out some work since it’s a short week this week.. Yay, me!
We woke up Sunday to another dreary, chilly and damp day. Lots of playing inside, singing songs, reading books, acting goofy and plenty of goobery kisses.
A million toys and she wants to play in a basket of stinky shoes.

Seriously. This NEVER gets old for her.
 Even though a weekend on my own is totally exhausting, I was happy to soak up as much of this girl as possible before our Mexican getaway later this week.
How was your weekend? 


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