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All of the Happenings

11 Feb

Things have been happening around here!

Emmy started to eat solid foods. She likes veggies, not fruit. Weird, I know.

photo (2)

She loves sweet potatoes, peas and carrots. I’m still making the baby food which isn’t too hard, but I’m not against buying it pre-made, and have, too. Some weeks are too nuts and I don’t have the time. It’s funny how I like feeding her food and know it’s good for her to learn to eat solids, but honestly, some days it’s just too much, and some days I forget to send food to daycare. Oh well, 2nd kid, right?

Georgia is growing up. For the past few weeks we have been cramming her into her carseat. She has a loooong torso, and every time we buckled her in, she’d whine or cringe it was too tight. She had gotten too tall for it, and it was time for an upgrade. To a booster.

photo 3

She looks so big! It’s terrifying and crazy. She’ll be 4 soon and has requested a Cars birthday cake at the bounce house place. She also wanted Transformer Valentine’s for her friends. I love my unconventional girl.

Since I rarely travel, I also learned G does NOT like it when I travel. One night we were FaceTiming and she told me she, “Didn’t want me to be there anymore,” and then started to cry.

photo 5

So I started to cry. It’s a good thing I travel about once a year! But after that trip, I’m even MORE thankful for a husband that definitely does his 50% and sometimes much more.

Where did I travel? To Las Vegas for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, otherwise known as KBIS. I didnt’ see much of Vegas beyond the convention center, but what I saw inside was pretty cool.

Wanna see my faves?

photo 4

This is LAMINATE. Not marble…laminate. Can you believe it? I love it. And want it. WILSONART

photo 3

This sink was at Kohler. I looooove the texture on a Farmhouse sink. Fabulous. KOHLER

photo 2

This sink was also at Kohler. The honeycomb/hexagon shape was BIG at the show…and this was a great way to do it. Isn’t that shadow beautiful?

photo 1

This is tile…made from thin thin thin slices of fruit. A pear, to be exact. Ann Sacks always has crazy stuff! ANN SACKS

On the 1st, our Goddaughter also turned one!

photo 2

Is there anything cuter than a 1 year old, rocking the shirtless look and eating cake?

photo 4What about a shirtless sick baby with a fever rash?

I came home from Vegas last week to sick baby, a sick dog, and a sad toddler…and I think a thank-god-she’s-home husband.

Georgia was happy I was home, and happy I brought her a present. A purple unicorn, no doubt! and if you know me, you know how I feel about stuffed animals. But I was going to buy about anything to see a smile on this girl’s face.

photo (1)

So hopefully we’re all on the mend (as the hubs coughs on the other end of the couch) and can start counting the days until spring!

Happy February, friends!

Big Girl Dates

8 Oct

Since I posted a couple of weeks ago about Georgia’s naughty behavior, acting out and overall bad attitude, we’ve put some serious focus into spending time with her one-on-one.

Since we’ve (again) reset and started spending special time with her, the change has been amazing. She even wakes up happy most mornings – and that NEVER happens.

I hate how easy it is to get lazy and just go through the day taking care of Emmy – because she needs constant care  – and almost ignoring Georgia, because she is self-sufficient. It makes me sad and makes me feel like the worst mother ever. But we’ve been working to fix that!

G and I have had some good Big Girl Dates (that’s what I call them). As soon as we head anywhere, I tell her we’re going out for ice cream/shopping/to play, and no babies or boys are allowed. Just us ‘big girls.’

Obviously we did DQ dates.

Obviously we did DQ dates.


Camping (indoors and with wi-fi and Netflix, obv)

Camping (indoors and with wi-fi and Netflix, obv)


Then, last night she started crying as I was making dinner/feeding Emmy, and Ryan finally got her to say she wanted me to play with her. Broke. My. Heart.

I quickly handed the babe off to Ryan and went to have a Big Girl Play Date in the toy room. Georgia found these crazy hats and wanted to wear them while we ate dinner. Momma obliged.

Goofy Girls

Goofy Girls


So, we’re trying to spend special time with each girl and make an effort to not fall back into the same patterns over and over.

Even three months in, we’re still learning!


(Plus, can we talk about how it’s possible that Emmy is 3 months old? Some days it seems to go fast, other days it seems like she should be 6 months old. Time is a funny thing.)





Still Pregnant

10 Jul

Well, folks…I’m 38 weeks and still pregnant! At this point, I’m sort of shocked and sort of thankful and sort of annoyed. This is the longest I’ve been pregnant, so I’m getting to deal with all of the fun stuff I missed the first time around, like tons of pressure down there, swollen ankles and feet, and not sleeping well at night. Yippee!

I had my doctor’s appointment on Monday this week and if you remember last week I was dilated to 4cm, this week I am holding steady at 4, and about the same all around. I was relieved to hear that because for some reason, knowing I haven’t advanced any further has helped me feel less like a ticking time bomb.

During my appointment, the doctor and I talked a lot about the next step.

Here’s the plan: I’ll go back to the doctor on Tuesday the 16th, if I’m still pregnant, check things out, and then they will schedule me to be admitted to the hospital on Thursday the 18th to break my water and have a baby! I will be 39 weeks at that point and his reasoning – which I totally agree with – is to break my water in the hospital so the delivery can be controlled and they know I’ll be in the hospital when I have the baby (due to the history of my fast and intense labor with Georgia).

It relaxes me to know that I will be in a hospital for all of these things, if baby girl decides to stay snuggled in until next week. I like knowing I’ll be surrounded my doctors and nurses throughout the ENTIRE thing, instead of rushing in after my water breaks and having another scary and chaotic delivery. Plus, there will be drugs. ;)

So that’s where we’re at!

I haven’t had much time to think about the delivery because we have been busy for the past week! With two parties on the 4th of July (one at our house), then a shower for Baby E on Sunday, birthday parties and meetings…..the list goes on. Here are some pics of the last week or so.

The fam on the 4th

The fam on the 4th

Annual party at Olson’s on the evening of 4th of July.

Cooling down with Mr. Freezees.

Cooling down with Mr. Freezees.

After another 95 degree night, we definitely needed u-kinis (what Georgia calls a bikini), the sprinkler and some Freezees.

Loot from Baby E's shower

Loot from Baby E’s shower

Baby girl got lots of diapers, some outfits and headbands at the shower. We also got a stash of Late Night Diapers. Erin, who hosted the shower, had this awesome idea to have everyone write on a diaper with a Sharpie, giving us a funny, encouraging or gross note to entertain us during those middle of the night changings.

photo (4)

The notes were hilarious.

photo (3)

photo (2)

and this one was my fave. I hope whoever wrote this is kidding ;)

And after all of the excitement of the last week: the heat, the late nights, the play dates, even Georgia was exhausted. And I thought nothing made her tired!

Passed out after the shower for her baby sister.

Passed out after the shower for her baby sister.

Basically, we’ve been packing as much as possible into our last few weeks as a family of three, before I’m tied to a newborn and none of us are sleeping!

And now we know that sometime in the next week (or less!), we’ll welcome the newest member of our fam. I can’t wait to meet her!

35 Weeks

25 Jun

Last week I hit 35 weeks and told you about the night of contractions I had last Wednesday night at the grocery store.
On Friday, the contractions came back – not as strong – but it was a Friday and I didn’t want to go through the weekend without an appointment. So I called my OB was able to go right in. They hooked me up so they could monitor my contractions and the baby’s heart rate. I registered a few contractions, but the most interesting thing was how crazy the baby was! It was hard to find contractions on the print out, because her movement was constant. This is what I mean:


Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.13.54 PM


The bottom row should show some gradual peaks and valleys, not crazy peaks jumping up and down all over the place. That was how much the baby was moving. The top row shows the baby’s heart rate. She was so active while I was there her heart rate jumped to 190-200 beats per minute (setting off a high pitched alarm and scaring the hell out of me). That’s high. Really high. Normally when I go into my appointments her heart rate is 145-155 bpm.  After the doctor was sure I wasn’t in early labor, she wanted me to hang out until baby girl calmed down. In the meantime, she checked to see if I was dilated.

Any guesses?

Yup, I am 2cm dilated and 50-60% effaced.

It’s good to know where I’m at, but also the knowing for sure that I’m 2cm dilated makes it very real for us that she’s coming..and probably soon! Oddly enough, I also haven’t gained any weight, but I was measuring right on at 35-36 weeks. I was a little concerned about the weight gain, because at this point, baby girl should be getting chubby and if I haven’t gained weight, does that mean she isn’t gaining? The doctor assured me everything was fine, so I will be anxious for my appointment this week on Thursday to follow-up and see what progress/changes have happened in a week’s time.


So 35 week stats:

– Measuring: 35-36 weeks
– Total weight gain: 20 lbs
– Dilation: 2 cm
– Baby’s position: Head down
– Anxiety level: High


In other news, the nursery isn’t finished, but we’ve been spending lots of time doing fun stuff with Georgia while she’s still our only baby.

Hanging at a friend's Princess Party

Hanging at a friend’s Princess Party


Golfing with Daddy

Golfing with Daddy



Dinner Dates and Ice Cream with Momma

Dinner Dates and Ice Cream with Momma


Fishing at the lake

Fishing at the lake


And the post wouldn’t be complete without a belly pic. Here is my belly at work…stretching out, trying to give my ribs/back relief.


Belly PIc

Belly PIc


Though, in the past few weeks I haven’t felt nearly as much rib pain. Now that I know the baby is for sure head down, I’m positive this gave me some relief, and that she went head down about 2 weeks ago. Crazy, right?

Now the only pain I have is in my upper back at the end of the day, I think just from hauling all of the weight around. Other than that pain, I am feeling more tired and stiff, especially if I do too much. I’m trying to slow down and not break my water :) or put myself into early labor. So far, so good.

I’m putting money on having this baby before July 10. I hate to jinx myself, but that’s my bet. I’ll get further than with G, but won’t make it to the full 40 weeks. Just a guess! I’ll keep you updated after my appointment on Thursday.





We have a 3 year old!

22 Apr

On Saturday, Georgia Mae turned 3! Can you believe it?


Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

Like most parents, I can easily say, I have on idea where the last 3 years went! They time has flown and she has changed me, my life and my marriage so much – for the better, of course.

One of the best things about being a mom to such a silly, sweet and sassy three year old is that she reminds me to play. I’m a person who can get so wrapped up in what’s next, that I have  a hard time focusing on the joy right in front of my face.



Motherhood has changed  my mindset drastically, and even though some days I literally have to vacuum or pick up the mess, I’m much better at allowing the house to be chaotic until she’s in bed, so I can spend those precious moments with her.

Some of her favorite things:

  • Books! We still make weekly trips to the library and there is always the request at bedtime for one more book.
  • Movies. This girl looooves her cartoons and movies. If the hubs and G are into a cartoon or movie, good luck breaking the spell. Right now her fav is Toy Story (1 & 3)
  • Singing/Music. She requests loud music in the car, loves dance parties at home and for her birthday got a killer Hello Kitty karaoke machine. I promptly made her a mix cd with all of her faves (With everything from’We are the Dinosaurs’ to ‘Baby’ by the Biebs)
  • Independence. She wants to do things on her time, how she wants and if it wasn’t her idea? Forget it! I know this trait is pretty common for kids this age, but she is definitely a stubborn little girl. I’m hoping this serves her well in the future.
  • Pictures and Videos. If she sees your phone, she immediately asks to watch videos on it. She is obsessed with watching videos (mostly of herself) and looking at pictures when she was a ‘teeny tiny baby.’
  • Going to school. She loves the daycare/school she goes to – and we love that she loves it! She learns a ton, knows all of her letters and can sound out words and tell you what they start with. On the weekends, she asks if it’s a school day and if she gets to see her friends. And today, she moved from a room full of 2 year olds, to a room with 3 and 4 year olds! (plus, our tuition dropped – yeaaahhhh!)
  • Her daddy. Depending on the day.
  • Her mommy….on the other days.
  • Her puppy, Ari.





Georgia spent the weekend with us and her Grandma and Grandpa Eagle. There were trips to the park, lots of cake and presents! She’s obsessed with Woody and Buzz for Toy Story so she got both, and this sweet softball tee. I have to say, her swing is pretty natural! Look at her working that front leg for power! I did take a video of her playing in the back yard then running  “bases.” I’ll upload it and post it. I would be thrilled to have her love softball. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, we couldn’t be more proud of our big 3 year old! Tomorrow night is her party with all of her friends. More pics and cake to come!

Happy birthday, Big Girl! We love you!

24 (almost 25) weeks

9 Apr


Must be the black shirt – my belly looks smaller this week, but I definitely don’t feel any smaller!

I’ve been having serious back pain. So bad that I can only sit upright for an hour or two a day, beyond that I need to be standing, laying down or seriously reclining. This is a problem since I work at my desk all day.

The pressure on my ribs and back is so constant, it’s hard to handle, and I take pride in the fact that I can handle a lot of pain and discomfort. I got adjusted a couple of weeks ago and I felt relief for 2-3 days, but I can’t get adjusted every 2 days, that’s crazy. So after my mom’s constant questions (hi mom!),  I”m going back to the doctor on Thursday to see if the baby is turned sideways or if there is anything they can suggest or do for me. My worst fear: a suggestion of trying to lay down for half the day or something similar. Aint nobody got time for that!

I honestly don’t think the baby is turned sideways because I feel her move and twist and flip flop around all the time. Sometimes she’s out in front, other times I feel kicks low so I think she’s straight up and down, etc. It’s crazy how much more active she is than Georgia!

So, other than my back pain, I feel great. My energy levels are good, I’m not sick or nauseous, and honestly, my cravings for sweets all the time have really died down, too. Huge bonus.

Beyond the belly update, I have a bathroom makeover to share! And a potty training update (which I know you’re dying to know about, I’m sure!) But maybe tomorrow…

Until then, check out this girl.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta


What a goof.

Georgia – 34 Months!

12 Feb

Let’s be honest — 34 months sounds ridiculous.

How about I say, in 2 months, my baby will be 3!

Riding her bike on a warm February day.

Riding her bike on a warm February day.

So what has she been up to?

Lately, she’s incredibly sensitive, which is very new for our go-with-the-flow, laid-back girl. As soon as we raise our voice, her little lip quivers and her eyes fill with tears. If one of us was gone that night at meeting or night out, the first words out of her mouth when we get home are, “You weren’t here, and I was sad.” At night when we are putting her to bed/back in bed for the 10th time she says, “But when you leave, then I am sad. When daddy leaves, I am sad.” We’re learning how to deal with our newly sensitive girl, while still being firm. It’s tricky, to say the least.

She knows her letters like I cannot even believe! Every week they have a letter to focus on at school, and in the 5 months she’s been at her new daycare, she can now:

  • Tell you what letter makes which sound. “What letter says ‘puh’ ‘puh’?” And she’ll, say, “P! P for Parker!” (who is a kid in her class)
  • She can spell words by telling me the letters. The other day after a doctor’s visit, she got a Happy Valentine’s Day sticker. She read me the word happy: h-a-p-p-y.
  • She can verbally spell her name and recognize her name written on paper.

Bedtime has become a nightmare. She fights, cries, stalls, and then cries. Then she asks for another book, for her frog/bear/wubbie. We’ve tried earlier bedtimes, shorter naps, no nap, nightlight on, hall light off…nothing seems to work. I hope it’s a phase that passes quickly.

Potty training is still on hold. She hasn’t shown any interest lately, and I’m not going to force her.

She’s become the anti-hugger. Anyone wants a hug from her, she runs or turns her back. There’s no way she’s embarrassed of us already, right?

She loooooves anything art related. We just recently bought watercolors and she spent more than an hour painting pictures. She still loves her whiteboard and drawing.

We still take our trips to the library, though they aren’t every week anymore. But when we go, she loves to go in, run around to see the usual things and then sit an play on the touch-screen kids computer while I pick out books for the week.

A lot of people have asked me if she’s excited to be a big sister, and honestly, I have no idea! When we talk about it, I’m not sure she totally gets it. When we introduced her to our friends’ new baby last week, she was not interested at all. I wonder if as I get bigger (more on that later) she’ll start to grasp that something is changing, but so far, life is moving forward as usual for her.

She still loves episodes of Dora, but  we’ve also started doing family movie nights on the weekend, and most recently we watched Toy Story. She was a huuuuge fan. I’m guessing our Disney movie collection is about to explode.

She’s also wearing 5T shirts, 4T pants, and size 9 shoes. That girl has a loong torso (her daddy) and short legs (her momma).

She was not ready to get up from her nap.

She was not ready to get up from her nap.

I just can’t believe she’ll be 3 in a couple of short months!

Weekend Recap & Painting Update

4 Feb

Our weekend was full of exciting stuff!

On Friday, our dear friends Jake and Erin welcomed their second baby girl, and she was quite punctual – coming on her due date. A girl after my own heart!

Check out Miss Kendall and her big sis Peyton (who is Georgia’s bff and you’ve seen/heard lots about here around here).

Kendall - 2/1/2013 - 7lbs 13 oz

Kendall – 2/1/2013 – 7lbs 13 oz


We also started painting the powder room. I’m not sure what it is about that room, but after painting a swatch of the color we choose (and most of you liked) Sassy Green from Sherwin Williams, neither of us was in love with the color. The hubs was not on board with the color, but there was something about it that I liked, so I told him to please keep painting and we’d see how we liked it when it was finished.

I did have a few reasons to have him continue painting even when I wasn’t totally sold on the color.

1. The lights were removed and the room was dark probably not showing the true color.

2. Against the current wall color it did look funky, but that will go away obviously.

3. We only had one coat of paint up and I hope a second coat will help.

4. It’s a color that is so different from anything else in our house right now, it will time to get used to it.

5. Once the beaded board goes up and we supplement the color with accessories, I think the color will end up feeling crisp and refreshing against all of the white.


So do you want to see a horrible iPhone photo? (My camera with the flash really blew the color out, and this actually got the truest shade, but the quality of the photo is crappy.)

photo (2)


Whaddya think?


Since daddy was painting, we got Georgia rocking out some watercolors.

Van Gogh, who?


I bet Van Gogh didn't use 2 brushes at once.

I bet Van Gogh didn’t use 2 brushes at once.


aaaand, doesn’t every little girl need sequined Sperrys?

Here is Georgia showing off her new shoes from her Nama. (and sitting like a lady, obv)

photo (1)


Hope your weekend was great, too!

Georgia Update – (almost) 33 Months

7 Jan

With just a few months until our “baby” turns 3, this is what she’s been up to:

  • She wakes up around 6:30 a.m. every day – even weekends – and is asleep by 9:30 or 10 p.m. Yes, she’s a night owl like her daddy. As much as we’ve tried an earlier bedtime, it just doesn’t happen… and everyone naps at daycare, so she goes to bed about the same time I do! (especially these days)
  • She loooves her new ‘school.’ While the transition was rough for me, Georgia loves it and is learning so much. She even asks on the weekends if she is going to school that day.
  • She still loves books. We read at least 3 before bed every night and then leave another 1 or 2 in bed with her. The other night I think I pulled 5 books out from under her covers/head when I went to bed. Nothing makes this momma happier!
  • She adores Ari. Sometimes, I think she just loves him too much. She hugs, kisses and uses him like a pillow when she comes in our room in the mornings.  They watch some cartoons together every morning while the hubs and I finish getting ready.
  • Her favorite toys are her new bike and drawing on her white board in the basement playroom. With a million toys, that girl loves to draw (and erase.)
  • When she wants your attention, she’ll yell, “Hey Guys!”
  • She’s obsessed with eating a hard boiled egg for breakfast, and peeling it “all by herself.”
  • She is just starting to get into make-believe play at home. I know she does at school, but at home, especially on week nights, she’s exhausted from school, but I’ve noticed with our weekends at home lately, there is lots more make-believe happening.
  • We’re still working on potty training. The first attempt at Bootcamp was a fail. But I will have her out of diapers before Baby #2 comes!
  • The stuttering I talked about before the holidays has disappeared since she’s been settled into her new school. I’m not sure if it was an attention thing or what, but thank goodness it’s gone!
  • Without her Hello Kitty toothbrush, I’m not sure she would ever brush her teeth.
  • She can count to at least 30, say her ABCs, sing a ton of songs, identify letters pretty well, spell her name orally, and knows her birthday is in April.
  • She loves taking a no-pants nap on the weekends. She strips down to her shirt and diaper and rocks a nap. It’s pretty hilarious.
  • Her favorite foods are cheese, fruit, mac n cheese, string cheese and eggs. And cheese. Or eggs with cheese on them. That girl loooooves cheese.
  • For whatever reason, she is like a 12 year old boy: she thinks farts and boobies are hilarious. And bras. If she sees a bra in a store, she points and giggles. When I get changed, she’ll point at me and say, “Your boobies are underneath there!” and she laughs every time she toots. Without fail.
  • After books at bedtime, she’s always asks if we can stay in her room for one more ‘mimet.’ (minute) It’s adorable, and most nights we do. It’s the second and third requests for another ‘mimet’ that often don’t work.
  • Our newest family fun outing is to go bowling. There’s a great bowling alley in Waukee and we went yesterday. Check out this girl’s happy dance.

Pro Bowler from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.


As far as 2 1/2 year olds go, Georgia is a pretty easy one! Most of the time she’s a good listener, isn’t overly dramatic, and I don’t even know if we’ve had more than 1 or 2 real tantrums. (knocking on wood) She’s goofy, happy, and my favorite girl!

Someone was on the Nice List

27 Dec

For months Georgia has been saying she wanted a bike for Christmas. Luckily, she was on Santa’s Nice List so on Christmas morning she came down the stairs to find this beauty.


We debated on size, but ultimately went with a 12-inch bike with training wheels. We chose one with training wheels that attached by metal instead of plastic because it seemed more sturdy, and I’m so glad we did. If you look at lots of bikes with training wheels, they wobble back and forth and I was afraid that would scare her, so it’s set up just perfectly for her. (This is the one we actually bought – a deal on Thanksgiving night for $29!)

And as soon as we get her helmet on, she was off! I love that this quickly became her “bike-riding face.”

photo (1)

I was worried about how quickly she would pick up on the steering because every other car and ride-on toy, she has trouble steering and gets frustrated quickly. Though, after about 3 minutes on the bike, she was cruising around our island and had mapped out a pretty good path. Each day since, she’s done about 189 laps in our house. [DISCLAIMER: Please ignore the messy house. I was in the midst of cleaning up post-Christmas so forgive me!)


Is it spring yet?

Bike riding from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

I hope you all got what you wanted and Santa was good to  you, too!


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