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Two Weeks Old

25 Jul

Today was my due date. Instead, Emmy is 2 weeks old! and you know what she got us for this big occasion? The first rough night with very little sleep. So sweet of her right?

In two weeks, Emmy and I have figured out a nice little schedule. She eats every 2-3 hours, and the second her eyes are open, she’s ready to eat! At night she eats around 11:00 p.m., and then again at 2ish, and at 5:00 a.m. or so. The hubs and I have been waiting to go to bed until after her 11:00 p.m. bottle so we only have to get up in the night twice. It’s not too bad, really! At least we’re getting 3 hours of sleep at a time. Except for last night, of course. I spoke too soon, I guess!

During the day, she’s a decent napper. My favorite part of having a newborn (and I have to be honest, I prefer babies a month or two older) is watching their facial expressions when their bellies are full, and Emmy is no exception. After she’s done eating, she makes all kinds of faces and today I had to get some of them on video.

Emmy – full tummy from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

Cute, right?

Two Jokes

24 May

So, two jokes.

Joke 1: Georgia learned this Knock Knock joke and it’s pretty cute.

Knock knock from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

As you can tell, I find her hilarious!


And for Joke #2, these were my ankles and feet yesterday.



This joke isn’t nearly as funny.


But it’s Friday, and we’re on the cusp of a long weekend. And I’m wearing a maxi dress to hide my cankles today. Everyone wins!
Happy Friday!

Picking a Name for the Baby

10 May

Like I mentioned in the previous post, Ryan and I have been having some trouble nailing down a name for our baby girl. We had a pretty solid list of 3 before we found out if we were having a boy or a girl, and now I think knowing it’s a girl has been messing with the hub’s head. He liked being able to SEE Georgia before naming her, and while I agree with that, I think we could easily nail down THE name before we meet our second daughter.

Last night we went through the long list I’ve been accumulating on my phone and each made lists of our Top 3 Faves. Will I share them on here? No Way :) but I will tell you my #1 name and Ryan’s #1 are different. His fave is #2 on my  list and vice versa, and our #3 is the same…I feel better that we’ve gotten THAT far at least. I will not let him waver on those!

In all of this, Georgia has had an obsession with one name in particular, and I have no idea where it came from. She’s been talking about naming her baby sister this for months. She talks about it so much that the teachers at her school actually thought that’s what we were naming the baby! The hubs also jumped on the bandwagon and said, “But how cool would it be for Georgia to name her sister?” I agree, it would be cool, but I’m just not a fan of the name. Last night I was ‘grilling’ Georgia, trying to get her to tell me why she likes that name and see if she would like her baby sister to be named anything else. I didn’t make much progress:

(also, you’ll have to crank the volume for the middle portion, I must’ve moved my big fat finger over the speaker for a while…. sorry!)

Georgia – picking baby name from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

P.S: She doesn’t have a mustache…we had just eaten chocolate ice cream after dinner.

P.P.S: I’m afraid we’re going to have a very sad/confused girl when she finds out the baby’s name is NOT Alex. Uh oh.

Someone was on the Nice List

27 Dec

For months Georgia has been saying she wanted a bike for Christmas. Luckily, she was on Santa’s Nice List so on Christmas morning she came down the stairs to find this beauty.


We debated on size, but ultimately went with a 12-inch bike with training wheels. We chose one with training wheels that attached by metal instead of plastic because it seemed more sturdy, and I’m so glad we did. If you look at lots of bikes with training wheels, they wobble back and forth and I was afraid that would scare her, so it’s set up just perfectly for her. (This is the one we actually bought – a deal on Thanksgiving night for $29!)

And as soon as we get her helmet on, she was off! I love that this quickly became her “bike-riding face.”

photo (1)

I was worried about how quickly she would pick up on the steering because every other car and ride-on toy, she has trouble steering and gets frustrated quickly. Though, after about 3 minutes on the bike, she was cruising around our island and had mapped out a pretty good path. Each day since, she’s done about 189 laps in our house. [DISCLAIMER: Please ignore the messy house. I was in the midst of cleaning up post-Christmas so forgive me!)


Is it spring yet?

Bike riding from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.

I hope you all got what you wanted and Santa was good to  you, too!

1st Haircut

24 Oct

Yup, she’s 2 1/2 and has never had a haircut! Being a girl has it’s advantages and one of them was not having to get haircuts in the first year and again every couple of months. By now Georgia’s hair is long, and falls way past her shoulders, but was starting to form a ‘V’ in the back bc it hadn’t ever been cut.

For weeks we had debated taking her to the salon I go to and paying quite a bit for a small trim or just taking her to a place for a $7.99 cut. Ultimately, we wanted it to be a good cut and knew it’d be a better experience if we went to a nice salon, so after I got my hair cut last week, it was Georgia’s turn.

She looked at us a little funny when Cortney – a friend of ours and my hair stylist – put the cape on her. Then, she had trouble figuring out how to get the fruit snacks we’d bribed her with to her mouth. She thought the cape was like a shirt and kept looking for the arm hole to put her hand through so she could eat the fruit snack, which obviously didn’t work. I showed her how to reach her arm out from under the cape but after a few tries, she still wasn’t getting it. It was adorable watching her concentrate so hard to do something we think is so easy! In the end, I just kept helping her. Maybe by her next cut she’ll figure that part out!

We didn’t cut much off of her hair, just cleaned up the ends and the back. She also got some layers for oompf. :)



The most hilarious part of the whole thing was her reaction when her hair was finished. It had been flat ironed, then cut, and some product put in it and it was sooooo soft. Georgia couldn’t stop touching it! Since Georgia is normally a girl who could care less about hair, this was pretty funny!

We went out to dinner afterward to celebrate the milestone (silly, I know), and also because by then it was late and I didn’t want to go home and cook. As soon as we sat down at our table, Georgia must have remembered her soft hair and proceeded to do this for the next 5 minutes.

new haircut from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.


Maybe she’ll be a girly-girl after all!

Going to the Chapel

1 May

Last weekend my baby sister got married – and even though it was a litttttle chilly that day, everything was beautiful, especially the bride.

Here’s the couple making it official!

And then there was lots of celebrating! I was incredibly nervous about giving my speech at the reception, but thanks to a couple of glasses of champagne (and maybe a shot or two), it went well and I even had people laughing and crying. Success, right?

The Bride and I

My SIL and me

And let me say that the flower girls were beautiful and adorable walking down the aisle! My niece Addie (below) held onto G’s hand the entire way, which was a good thing because Georgia didn’t look up once. I think in her head she thought, “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me.” It was sweet and I was so proud of them!

We ordered the flower girl dresses on Etsy from a store called OliviaKate Couture and they were beautiful, comfortable and the girls loved wearing them. Check out the video below.

As soon as both girls had their dresses on, they couldn’t help themselves from spinning and dancing!

[Bridesmaid dresses: Alfred Sung style:D494 / color: daffodil]


She got it from her momma

27 Jul

Her brains, that is.

Georgia has always talked a lot, but the amount of things she knows at 15 months is incredible.

Last night I got her to run through all of her ‘tricks’ while I recorded it. I think I need to get her this shirt:

Animal sounds from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.


20 Jul

My daughter already knows how to make duckface and it concerns me.

If you are familiar with the term, duckface is often an facial expression made by girls who are teenage to early-20s when they take photos. It’s supposed to make them look cool or sexy or something..Usually though, it’s obnoxious. And not flattering.

No idea where Georgia learned it, but thankfully it’s adorable!

Duckface from Kelly Eagle on Vimeo.


1 Jun

If I haven’t already mentioned it, here is the video proof: Georgia is thisclose to walking!

Isn’t that incredible? For a few weeks now she’s been cruising between pieces of furniture but now she is taking bonafide steps and is getting braver by the second. Pretty soon it’ll be 100% walking – crazy!

And I called this post mashup so I could share more pics from the weekend and G hanging out with her cousins.
They really did play good together and spent a ridiculous amount of time crawling all over/jumping on this air mattress. It’s the little things!

Air mattresses are fun!

My nephew Garrett (10, almost 11 months)

G playing outside.

The kids in the tent – genius idea to keep them corralled and out of the sun.

Who? Me?

Georgia’s favorite thing: to climb all over you!

The weather wasn’t that great in Minnesota and with all of the other things going on (including Garrett getting pretty sick and my bro and his fam heading home early Sunday morning) we didn’t get the boat put in the water, so Georgia had to try her life vest in the house.
Why can’t someone make a life jacket so  it doesn’t do this to babies?

I totally understand that she’ll float and that’s all that really matters…..but, really?

I can’t do this to her again!

And the cabin is looking dang good. New siding, new windows, some new carpet and trim work….slowly but surely we’re figuring it all out.

Maraca from Mexico

23 May

We are back safe and sound in the good ‘ol US of A! Just barely. The trip home was a bit of a disaster, but we’re home with our babies. (more pics from the trip to come later)

I wanted to share a little video of one of the presents we brought back for Georgia.
I’ll let her tell you what it is:


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