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Still Pregnant

10 Jul

Well, folks…I’m 38 weeks and still pregnant! At this point, I’m sort of shocked and sort of thankful and sort of annoyed. This is the longest I’ve been pregnant, so I’m getting to deal with all of the fun stuff I missed the first time around, like tons of pressure down there, swollen ankles and feet, and not sleeping well at night. Yippee!

I had my doctor’s appointment on Monday this week and if you remember last week I was dilated to 4cm, this week I am holding steady at 4, and about the same all around. I was relieved to hear that because for some reason, knowing I haven’t advanced any further has helped me feel less like a ticking time bomb.

During my appointment, the doctor and I talked a lot about the next step.

Here’s the plan: I’ll go back to the doctor on Tuesday the 16th, if I’m still pregnant, check things out, and then they will schedule me to be admitted to the hospital on Thursday the 18th to break my water and have a baby! I will be 39 weeks at that point and his reasoning – which I totally agree with – is to break my water in the hospital so the delivery can be controlled and they know I’ll be in the hospital when I have the baby (due to the history of my fast and intense labor with Georgia).

It relaxes me to know that I will be in a hospital for all of these things, if baby girl decides to stay snuggled in until next week. I like knowing I’ll be surrounded my doctors and nurses throughout the ENTIRE thing, instead of rushing in after my water breaks and having another scary and chaotic delivery. Plus, there will be drugs. ;)

So that’s where we’re at!

I haven’t had much time to think about the delivery because we have been busy for the past week! With two parties on the 4th of July (one at our house), then a shower for Baby E on Sunday, birthday parties and meetings…..the list goes on. Here are some pics of the last week or so.

The fam on the 4th

The fam on the 4th

Annual party at Olson’s on the evening of 4th of July.

Cooling down with Mr. Freezees.

Cooling down with Mr. Freezees.

After another 95 degree night, we definitely needed u-kinis (what Georgia calls a bikini), the sprinkler and some Freezees.

Loot from Baby E's shower

Loot from Baby E’s shower

Baby girl got lots of diapers, some outfits and headbands at the shower. We also got a stash of Late Night Diapers. Erin, who hosted the shower, had this awesome idea to have everyone write on a diaper with a Sharpie, giving us a funny, encouraging or gross note to entertain us during those middle of the night changings.

photo (4)

The notes were hilarious.

photo (3)

photo (2)

and this one was my fave. I hope whoever wrote this is kidding ;)

And after all of the excitement of the last week: the heat, the late nights, the play dates, even Georgia was exhausted. And I thought nothing made her tired!

Passed out after the shower for her baby sister.

Passed out after the shower for her baby sister.

Basically, we’ve been packing as much as possible into our last few weeks as a family of three, before I’m tied to a newborn and none of us are sleeping!

And now we know that sometime in the next week (or less!), we’ll welcome the newest member of our fam. I can’t wait to meet her!

37 Weeks…and Placing Bets

4 Jul

Time for an update:

I had my 37 week appointment today and I’d been excited to get an update on my progress. I was anxious for my appointment, but also excited because I know I’m getting so close to the end …and at the end, I get to meet our sweet baby girl!

I got to my appointment, and he measured my belly first and I was back up to 36 (From 34 at my last appointment a week ago). Either the baby was in a weird spot, or she’s getting bigger. Chubby babes are good!

Her heart rate was right at 140, like usual. No crazy acrobatics this time!

Then it was time for him to check my cervix.
At my 35 week appointment I was a 2 and about 50% effaced. I had a bet going with Ryan on this one. He thought I’d still be at 2cm. I told him I bet I’d be at 3cm and about 80% effaced. Guess who was right?

The doctor informed me, as he was sort of laughing (is that a good sign) that I’m dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced. Seriously. I think the progress surprised him, too! He joked that I should at least wait until midnight tonight to deliver to save him from doing extra pre-term paperwork, since technically I get 37 weeks tomorrow. I’m almost there!

Knowing that I’m this far along makes me incredibly nervous. I’m close to the end and have so many questions! When will I go into labor? Will my water break? Will I get an epidural? Will the baby do well during labor? Who will she look like?

I also keep forgetting to take a belly pic. Mainly because I’ve packed our good camera in my hospital bag and am too lazy to go upstairs for it when I finally am ready to take my pic at night…so I went the selfie route.

37 Weeks

37 Weeks


I literally think this is my first selfie! #milestone   ha ha
We have another bet going in this house: I bet the hubs the baby will be here by the 10th. He says the 13th. Who do you think will win this one?

Weeks 28 & 29

7 May

As I enter week 29, it’s time for an update! How has it been almost 3 weeks since I posted an update or belly pic?

I had my 28 week doctor’s appointment last week and the lovely glucose test for gestational diabetes.

Why can’t they make this drink look more appealing?



Then the nurse thought it would be fun to wiggle the needle under my skin hoping to find a vein until she did, leaving me with a big bruise….but my blood must’ve looked good since I didn’t get a call back from my OB. I assume I passed – thank goodness, too, because I hear if you ‘fail’ or show signs of gestational diabetes, there is a 3 hour test you have to do, and it isn’t fun.

  • Baby’s heartbeat: 155bpm (she has fallen right in that range for the past few months)
  • Measuring at 29 weeks (so right on track – I guess within 3 weeks of your actual pregnancy is ideal)
  • Total weight gain: 16 lbs! (By my count it’s closer to 18, but I’ll take either one!)
  • Now I begin appointments every 2 weeks!

Two week appointments seems like they snuck up on me! I will go every two weeks between now and I think 36 weeks, then they jump to weekly. EEEK!

Other updates:

– Back pain is still tough. I am going to the chiro every other week now, and it does help – more than I care to admit as I’m more of a traditional medicine kind of gal.

– We are having trouble narrowing down a name for this little girl! Before we found out the sex, we had a list of 3-4 names for each gender, and since then, I think the hubs has changed his mind on almost all of the original choices, while I’ve only cut one out because it’s so classic, it’s popping up everywhere. We’re at the point of searching name lists and texting each other random names through out the day. So far, nothing for sure.

– The nursery is holding steady. We need to paint and maybe that will happen this weekend. Seems like a good gift for Mother’s Day right? Once it’s painted, then I we can begin hanging things and buying decorations.

Belly pic coming soon!

Getting Big Ain’t Easy (and other ramblings)

4 Apr

Since my road trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been having almost constant back and rib pain when I sit for longer than 30 minutes. And since I sit at my desk alllll day long, this is a problem. Plus, by the end of most days, I’m in constant pain.

I went back through the blog when I was pregnant with Georgia and found my back/rib pain started in earnest in February, so around the time I was 32 weeks with G. This time it started at 22 weeks….do you see why this is bad?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve tried a number of things: getting adjusted by my chiro, standing at my desk (and never have I been happier to have a tall desk!), stretching, getting regular workouts in, and icing my ribs. Or, like last night, laying down as soon as I could and staying in that position until morning. Yes, I fell asleep fully clothed (again) at 9 p.m. But let me tell you, my back this morning feels fantastic! I know being pregnant can be uncomfortable and it just comes with the territory, but 3 1/2 months is a long time to deal with constant pain.

If you wonder what it feels like, this is how I explained it to the hubs: take 3 fingers and stick them between a pair of ribs until it hurts…then leave it there for 3 1/2 months. Awesome, right?

Beyond the pain, I also had a biiiig weight gain this month! I knew I would have to have at least one big month, since I’d only gained about 6lbs so far. Well, between 20 and 24 weeks, I gained 8 lbs! Eek. Granted, Easter was in there and I feel like I ate my weight in jelly beans and malted milk ball eggs, but my belly did get big in those 4 weeks, too.

Here’s my cute fam at Easter. Ari hid the belly. Good boy.

Easter 2013

Easter 2013

And here is the 4 week belly comparison. Things are happening in there! This babe is MUCH more active than Georgia ever was. She’s doing flips and kicks at all hours of the day – 5 a.m to 11 p.m.


The doc also told me that I’m measuring at 26 weeks, which doesn’t mean a ton, except that instead of my uterus (yup, that word is awesome) measuring 24 inches = to my 24 weeks, it’s measuring a bit ahead  at 26 inches. Could mean the babe is big, could mean I have a lot of fluid, could mean I have a big uterus. :)

This weekend I have one big project on the agenda: re-do the master bath. I showed you some pics a while back when I was considering tiling the wall behind our mirrors. Then some beautiful grasscloth wallpaper showed up on the free table at work and I snagged it, not quite sure where it would go. One roll (which retails at about $180!) wouldn’t cover our bedroom wall, so I decided it would be the perfect accent to our bathroom! We’re only going to wallpaper behind the mirrors and then give the room a fresh coat of paint – something in the gray family. I also want to get a new shower curtain (or just hang regular curtains) to allow me to hang the curtain higher than 74 inches, but I’ll get to that later.

So that’s my rambling update! Lots going on. Lots of changes – and I’m super excited about all of it!

Almost the weekend, friends. You can do it!

16 Week Appointment

15 Feb

My 16 week doctor’s appointment actually fell into my 17th week, but that just means my 19 week ultrasound is even closer!

In total, I’ve gained 6 pounds so far in this pregnancy. I’m really happy with that weight gain and honestly, I haven’t had any time to work out in the last week, so I’m really  happy with it. I hate not working out the week of a ‘weigh in.’

The baby’s heartrate was 140 BPM, which is the lowest it’s ever been – this time around or when I was pregnant with Georgia. I was surprised it was so low due to the amount of SweetTarts I was eating at work just before my appointment! At my 14 week check the babe’s heart rate was 155 BPM. Supposedly, the lower the heart rate is the more likely it’s a boy, but who knows? It was higher 2 weeks ago, so I don’t put much faith in that old wive’s tale.

The doctor also measured the growth of my uterus (yup, I just said uterus), and I’m measuring a week ahead. From what I understand your uterus should grow 1 inch per week, so at every appointment, the doctor feels on my belly for how high up it is, and yesterday it was 18 inches high, even though I had just entered my 17th week. Again, doesn’t mean a ton since I’m so early, but it’s something to watch.

All in all, he said things are looking great and to keep doing what I’m doing!


On tap for this weekend is dealing with the out of control laundry situation at our house and the hubs will be working on the powder room. Last weekend he dry fit all of the beaded board, made cuts in the trim and then realized he needed a table saw. Lots to do this weekend, but here is a peek at what dry fitting looked like. Even he couldn’t deny the room will look fantastic with the beaded board and sassy green paint!




Enjoy the weekend, all!

14 weeks – Hello 2nd Trimester!

24 Jan

I know everyone says this with their second baby, but I can’t believe I’m 14 weeks and out of my 1st trimester!
December seemed to take forever, but now, January has flown by!

Here’s my picture for this week:



A little teeny tiny bump. Mostly, I just feel thick in the middle. Most of my pants give me a slight muffin-top these days which is never never never flattering. This is the stage I dislike the most. You don’t look pregnant, you are starting to feel good again but your clothes are tight like you just ate Thanksgiving dinner.

But again, it’s going fast, so it won’t be long and I’ll be complaining about how big and uncomfortable I am. Great, huh? :)

Weird Pregnancy Dreams

23 Jan

When I was pregnant with G, I had lots of random dreams and one sweet one of my dad, but never anything like the dreams I’ve been having lately.

It’s not every night, but a few nights a week I dream that I’m running from some bad people, and I have a gun and I’m protecting others (who I never see in the dream, but I can feel myself protecting people other than myself, if that makes sense). There is running and shooting and hiding. It’s intense and VERY bizarre for me to dream about using a gun. If you know me at all, you know I don’t like guns, I don’t even like a water guns. Yet another example, last week when Ryan got his new bow, he was practicing pulling the string back and was ‘pointing’ it in my direction and I cringed. Yes, I’m a big weenie.

After having these dreams a few times, I (of course) Google’d to find out what the dreams could possibly mean. says:

“Chase dreams are one of several common dream themes, stemming from feelings of anxiety in your waking life. In such dreams, the scenario often features you being pursued by an attacker, an animal, a monster or an unknown figure, who wants to hurt or possibly kill you. Consequently, you run, you hide or you try to outwit your pursuer. Your actions in the dream parallel how you would respond to pressure and cope with fears, stress or various situations in your waking life. Instead of confronting the situation, your dream indicates that you have a tendency to run away and avoid the issue. Ask yourself who is chasing you, so that you can gain a better understanding and insight on the source of your fears and anxieties.
The pursuer or attacker who is chasing you in your dream may also represent an aspect of yourself. Your own feelings of anger, jealousy, fear, and possibly love, can manifest itself as the threatening figure. Or the shadowy figure can symbolize the rejected characteristics of your Self. You may be projecting these feelings onto the unknown chaser. Next time you have a dream of being chased, turn around and confront your pursuer. Ask them why they are chasing you. What are you trying to run from?
A more direct analysis of chase dreams is the fear of being attached. These dreams are often brought about by the media, who magnifies fears of violence.”

Some of these things I could guess on my own: the incredible focus on guns and violence lately in the media. The terror of the random attacks at schools, malls, churches, movie theatres, and feeling scared just going into public places. All of these things could easily be triggering the dreams. I’m sure most of us have never thought about guns and gun violence as much as we have in the last 6 months. If it’s in our face that much during the day, odds are it will seep into our dreams.

It also makes sense that I have general fear and anxiety about baby #2. Yes, I’m afraid the change in our house will be great. I’m afraid of being totally overwhelmed and not sure how to handle both kids. But in reality, I know there will be a transition phase, and we’ll eventually figure out how to be a family of four, but I’m nervous.

These things together must be creating the perfect storm for these intense dreams. You know what else is weird about all of it? I wake up at almost the EXACT same time every night from these dreams: 12:55 a.m. No joke. Last night it was 12:54. The night before it was 12:59. All kinds of weirdness.

Anyone else have weird pregnancy dreams? Dreams so out of character for their regular personality that it’s a big freaky?

**Also, I’m 14 weeks pregnant today and due to take another belly pic. I’m sad to report that there isn’t a belly yet, though today is the first day I’ve used the hair-tie trick on my jeans. This pair is higher-waisted than some others and it’s not that they wouldn’t close, but I’m definitely more comfortable with them unbuttoned!

34 weeks

23 Mar

First, can I say I’m SO excited to see everyone this weekend at the baby shower?!! Can NOT wait.

In my Inbox today I got my 34 week email from and it had some disturbing “What to Expect this week” info. The email said to get the carseat in the car this week and pack my overnight bag. Wow…. that makes me anxious, nervous and scared.

Though, let me tell you what my biggest worry is: where my water will break. I’ve heard horror stories about it breaking in bed, at the mall, AT WORK, which would be mortifying, in my car….
I know a lot of people’s water doesn’t actually break on their own, but I’m so freaked out that mine will at work or in bed and ruin our mattress….
Lordy, I hope not.

33 week check-up

17 Mar

We had another doctors appointment yesterday and we were given the thumbs up on our progress. (me and the baby, that is).
Baby E decided to be tricky and have a heart rate of 150 this time. If you remember, it was 140 one week, 130 two weeks later, and now, two weeks from then, it was 150.

This baby always keeping me guessing, just like Ryan. Must be his son!

Cookin’ for 30 weeks

26 Feb

I think the puffy face is just around the corner…… uh oh.


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