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Three Years Ago …

18 Jul

Three years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry an incredible man and I haven’t looked back.

In the years we’ve been together, we’ve had some incredibly happy times and some days where I wondered how we’d go on, but I know though everything I have felt confident in the fact that I have my best friend and my partner and we’d make it – somehow, some way.

What I’ve learned in the past 3 years: Marriage isn’t easy. Not even close. But with honesty and the ability to talk it out – whatever ‘it’ is – you’re in good shape. Before I got married, I felt like Ryan and I had it all figured out and that marriage was just a formality. A piece of paper, I think I even said at one point. Boy, was I wrong!

Ryan and I follow the traditional anniversary gifts¬†and it gives us the chance to get creative with our gifts and think outside the box, instead of just buying a gift to buy a gift. The 3rd anniversary is leather, so I got Ryan a leather cigar case with an engraved lighter for those special occasions that call for a cigar. I can’t wait to see what the hubs came upwith. We’re planning on celebrating with a low-key night – in our house, with our little family. I can’t imagine anything more perfect.

[photos by Derek Lippincott]


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