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Chicago was …

25 Jul

1. Delicious (see below)

2. Ridiculously fun

3. Exhausting

4. The best weekend I’ve had in a while!

I didn’t take many pictures over the weekend, so I’m waiting for everyone else to upload them so I can steal them and place them on the blog :) But it is safe to say I’m a little afraid of what those pictures will show – but we had an amazing time!
Every now and then you need to get away from the every day grind and just LET LOOSE.

Mission Accomplished.

We ate deep dish pizza, drank (lots ‘o) beer, ate hot dogs, ate gyros, ate thin crust pizza, ate mexican food….are you seeing a pattern? And laughed. And danced. It was a blast – so glad we went!

Here are a couple of the pictures I took on my phone.

Watching a baseball game from a rooftop with all the food you can eat and all you can drink is pretty wonderful. Especially when you can go inside and sit in the air conditioning!!!

This photo is a note to my future self: Avoid any and all drinks that are bright blue and come in a bucket.

The hubs and I

What is your over indulgence when you travel? What is your fav weekend getaway spot?


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