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From a true clean freak….

20 Aug

I have to tell you about my newfound love for cleaning with vinegar. If you haven’t tried it or heard about it, I swear to you, it’s amazing!

I clean constantly and it’s almost like an obsession (ok, ok, it IS an obsession), so I know a good cleaning product when I find it. And the most frustrating thing to me has been keeping SO many cleaners on hand – one for windows, one for bathtubs and sinks, another for toilets, another for our stainless steel appliances, and more for our wood floors…..you know what can make any of those sparkle?


There are tons of articles out there and on the web that talk about uses for vinegar, but here is one I really like and, I trust TLC.

I keep a couple of bottles of white vinegar in the house for jobs that require a concentrated amount or a sink full of half and half, but I normally use a spray bottle with a half and half mixture of vinegar and water.

The smell isn’t nearly as bad as you would think and you’ll be happy to carry one spray bottle around the house and not fill it with toxins and those strong odors.

Let me know what you use vinegar on – I’m always up for a new cleaning trick! ;)


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