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Pierced ears

5 Mar

It’s been more than a month since I first started talking about piercing Georgia’s ears – and finally this weekend I worked up the nerve to do it!

The number of people who were willing to accompany me to pierce her ears – an activity that was sure to make her cry, and her sad face is really sad – was small. The hubs said no, so did my mom and sister, but his weekend my bff was in town, so I took the opportunity of having a willing party and took Georgia to the mall for the Big Event.

It started by signing a bunch of forms, hearing how to care for the earrings, and picking out the earrings Georgia was going to have to wear for the next 6 weeks. Then I sat in the chair with Georgia on my lap. It was Saturday afternoon so (of course) there was a line of people also waiting to get their ears pierced. I wasn’t quite sure if it was good for the other small girls to see what I thought would be a toddler meltdown and I even warned a couple of the moms, but they didn’t seem worried. So we had an audience.

The girl working at the store put dots with a marker on each of her ear lobes, then we all double checked that they looked even. Then it was go time. With a worker on each side of Georgia with a piercing guns posed over her ears, they said, “Ready, set, go,” and then with a loud click the earrings were in. Georgia jumped and squeaked just a little, but really quickly the worker offered Georgia a sucker and a sticker and Georgia was fine! That was it. It was over and she wasn’t sobbing. I couldn’t beleive it. I, on the other hand, was sweating profusely, but she was good to go. Amazing.

We got ice cream anyway because I was feeling a little guilty, but so far she hasn’t touched them, told us they were sore and doesn’t fight me when I clean them.

I was so worried, but it ended up being more stressful for me, than her. She’s a rockstar!

Before the piercing with Auntie Rachel (and the rug burn on her forehead and nose she got on Friday falling up the stairs. Yes, up!)

Right after with her sucker and no tears!

Eating ice cream

The next day rockin’ a big girl pony to show of her new bling bling!

To Pierce or Not to Pierce?

16 Jan

[photo from Parents.com]

For the past few weeks I’ve been considering getting Georgia’s ears pierced. I’ve read about it because I feel like she may not be at the best age to have it done. She’s just old enough to know what’s going on but not understand that she needs to leave the earrings alone. I’m terrified that she’ll pull them out hurting herself or worse, eat the back or God-forbid, the entire earring.

I also want them pierced for my sister’s wedding in April when she’ll be a flower girl with my niece, who has her ears pierced. Silly, but they could wear matching sparkly earrings – it would be adorable! Yesterday I stood in Claire’s for about 5 minutes, Georgia on my hip, just wandering, before someone asked if they could help me. I mentioned I was considering piercing Georgia’s ears and the 16 year old girl working did nothing to help my anxiety about it.

I know everyone has an opinion on when is the right time to pierce a little girl’s ears, but I had mine pierced as an infant, so I don’t remember being asked if I wanted them, but I also never was angry that I had them or that no one asked me if I wanted them.

A lot of the reading I’ve done says to have your pediatrician do it. In theory, this is probably a good idea, but do they even do that? Seems a bit dramatic. And with a needle? So you have to do it twice? I have a feeling we’d walk out of there with 1 earring hole, because she’d freak before we could do the other side.

So, here’s’ my question: is there any place better than Claire’s? Any tips? When did you do your child’s?


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