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The Nest: Tiled Wall

30 Aug

When we were designing our master bath and we picked individual mirrors that tilt, I started dreaming about tiling the wall behind the mirrors with some really pretty, iridescent tile.

Without many outlets or things to work around, I see this as a really quick weekend project that will totally pretty up the room.

So first, I pinned some inspiration pics.

All of these bathrooms just look really glamorous, don’t they?

Then I started doing some browsing. Ordering tile online is one thing that I’m not comfortable with, so I’ve been looking at some in our local home stores and these are the ones that I’m really into. I think you’ll sense the color palette I’m leaning toward.

Which do you like?

Seabreeze brown glass tile from Lowe’s.

Key Largo Interlocking Glass Tile at Home Depot.

Glacier ice brick glass mosaic tile from Home Depot.

Have you ever tiled a wall that isn’t a kitchen backsplash? Bathrooms need backsplashes, too!


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