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To Pierce or Not to Pierce?

16 Jan

[photo from Parents.com]

For the past few weeks I’ve been considering getting Georgia’s ears pierced. I’ve read about it because I feel like she may not be at the best age to have it done. She’s just old enough to know what’s going on but not understand that she needs to leave the earrings alone. I’m terrified that she’ll pull them out hurting herself or worse, eat the back or God-forbid, the entire earring.

I also want them pierced for my sister’s wedding in April when she’ll be a flower girl with my niece, who has her ears pierced. Silly, but they could wear matching sparkly earrings – it would be adorable! Yesterday I stood in Claire’s for about 5 minutes, Georgia on my hip, just wandering, before someone asked if they could help me. I mentioned I was considering piercing Georgia’s ears and the 16 year old girl working did nothing to help my anxiety about it.

I know everyone has an opinion on when is the right time to pierce a little girl’s ears, but I had mine pierced as an infant, so I don’t remember being asked if I wanted them, but I also never was angry that I had them or that no one asked me if I wanted them.

A lot of the reading I’ve done says to have your pediatrician do it. In theory, this is probably a good idea, but do they even do that? Seems a bit dramatic. And with a needle? So you have to do it twice? I have a feeling we’d walk out of there with 1 earring hole, because she’d freak before we could do the other side.

So, here’s’ my question: is there any place better than Claire’s? Any tips? When did you do your child’s?


4 Jan

While me and the hubs fight the flu – and the worst flu I’ve ever had it’s safe to say. It brought me to tears and I went through natural childbirth…yah, that bad.

Anyway, as we fight the flu, Georgia fights bedtime, and has been for a couple of weeks now.

Our normal bedtime routine starts around 7:30 with a bath, then books, more books and finally around 8 or 8:30 bed. Since the beginning, we’ve been believers in putting her to bed while she is still awake and not letting her get used to falling asleep in our arms (proof here and here) – and that is still the case. Well, over the long holiday weekends we have stuck to our guns and followed the regular routine, but it hasn’t been so successful, so we’ve tried a bunch of different things. A brighter night light – for awhile we thought she was afraid of the dark, talking to her about bedtime and how it’s time for bedtime and she’s a big girl, “here’s your lovie, here’s your bear, here’s your blanket.” She wasn’t buying it.

Then on Sunday she took a late afternoon nap, so we pushed back bedtime a bit, but it was 11:30 and this is what was happening in our living room.


Her tear stained cheeks, tired eyes and a tired hubs. Soon after we finally got her to go to sleep, but I’m stuck. What is the secret?

Is it because she’s getting older and her routines will be in constant flux? Or does she need a later bedtime?

Tonight we tried a later bedtime – started bath around 8:15 and she was asleep with little to no crying by 9. That I can handle…what has worked for you?


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