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It’s a crazy life!

9 Aug

I knew it was coming, but now that the craziness has hit I find myself making the most of every hour of the day.

What craziness? Well, in addition to starting a new bootcamp and being a momma and wife, the website I work for is launching at 8 schools this month so there are lots of hours spent at the office and more hours at night working to ensure everything runs smoothly when we launch.

We also had a really fun weekend in Des Moines last weekend and have another one on the way as the State Fair rolls into town!

Until I have some more time to post about everything going on in our nest, here’s a cute pic of G from our trip to the zoo on Saturday and one from the bounce-house place on Friday.

Watching the birds with her friend Hannah.

Georgia looooooved “jumpy jumpy.”


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