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Quick Change

20 Jul

We’ve had these cherry wood dining chairs since we moved into our first apartment together back in 2006. It was the first piece of furniture we co-purchased, so it was a pretty big deal and it’s followed us in all of our many moves. The table is pretty banged up and since it’s counter-height, it’s not very convenient for pulling up an extra chair or using a high char at it, so we’ve banished it to the basement. The chairs, on the other hand, have found a temporary home at our kitchen island. I say temporary because the cherry wood doesn’t really go with the rest of our house, but they are the right height and allow us to use the island until I find (or can afford) the perfect chairs.

The chairs came with this boring, off-white fabric and after all these years, is pretty dingy and stained.

The other night I finally got tired of staring at the icky fabric and thought it was time for a quick re-do. I pulled out the staple gun, scissors and a drill and got to work.

I snagged some great ‘scraps’ of fabric when we’d clean out the prop/sample closet during my days at Country Home and I love digging through them to find something for a quick and dirty DIY project.

I had an aqua blue Jane Churchill ikat fabric hadn’t found a home in this house yet, but I thought it would complement the curtain above the kitchen sink and the dark blue fabric on the dining chairs in the adjoining room.

The bright blue really adds a nice pop of color against the white backdrop of the island – and the chairs even look better without the tired, off-white seats.

Took me about 20 minutes total and the fresh look will help me live with these ‘fill-in’ chairs in the kitchen until I find the right fit.


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